Airbus Defence and Space select Scytale

Earlier this year Global Radiodata Communications (GRC) delivered Scytale Lite, a rucksack based communications solution, to the welfare service operated by Airbus Defence and Space.

We are now delighted to announce that Airbus Defence and Space have added the GRC Scytale (the larger 8 port solution) to their mobile welfare communications portfolio to work alongside them and their global commercial operator network to provide and deliver scalable welfare communications solutions, as part of their Wel2Go suite.

The GRC Scytale package provided is a flexible, reliable, cost effective communication solution, with the added ability to provide a communication infrastructure when no existing network is in place. This works well for a range of industrys including emergency responders, government, commercial and aid agency organisations facing critical communication challenges.

Iain Pope, Managing Director at GRC, commented: This is a fantastic development to an already positive agreement with Airbus Defence and Space. GRCs ability to customise and tailor to customers’ needs means that we are capable of reaching the high standards and requirements expected at this level of critical communications operations