GRC - DSEI 2017

We would like to thank all our guests who managed to make it out of the DSEI 2017 halls and on to the Sunborn to visit us - we had a great week and the event was a huge success!

GRC aboard the Sunborn during DSEI 2017

We had live demonstrations of the GRC Sandfly, Cobham Explorer 5075GX and Swarm45 satellite terminals, running over Avanti and Inmarsat GX in addition to Inmarsat BGAN and Thuraya IP+ in operation.

GRC aboard the Sunborn at DSEI 2017 - Cobham Explorer 5075GX and GRC Sandfly satellite terminals

We held briefings on our full Scytale suite, with the ever popular Scytale Lite, housed in a single Peli backpack, proving a big hit with delegates and commercial organisations looking for simple, rapidly deployable comms in remote regions. We also demonstrated the multi-agency interoperability offered for RF by the ICRI (Incident Commanders Radio Interface), which received considerable interest from attending NATO members.

GRC aboard the Sunborn at DSEI 2017 Scytale Lite

Cisco were on hand to demonstrate live streaming HD video conferencing over our Sandfly terminal on Avanti airtime, with pixel perfect clarity and seamless connectivity.

GRC aboard the Sunborn at DSEI 2017 live HD video streaming on Cisco DX80

Thales were also present with their new VesseLink solution, offering critical marine operation global communications coverage.

GRC aboard the Sunborn at DSEI 2017 - Thales VesseLink maritime satellite communications

In addition Thales also had their advanced TH5310 - TH5315 IMBITR multiband inter/intra team radio available for testing.

GRC aboard the Sunborn at DSEI 2017 with Thales TH5310/TH5315 IMBITR

Thank you again to everyone who attended and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

GRC aboard the Sunborn at DSEI 2017