Arion is now certified to provide a commercial TacSat solution to key customer segments

Thuraya Telecommunications and leading communication solutions provider Global Radio Data Communications Ltd (GRC) today jointly announced the successful certification of GRC’s Arion solution. End-users can now experience limitless Beyond Line of Sight broadcast range for their tactical multi-band, encrypted radios, over both Thuraya’s broadband and alternative GSM & Internet service provider networks.

The Arion solution allows for the transmission of real-time encrypted communications directly to an operations room or another network anywhere in the world, be it land or sea, using any IP bearer. Arion enables operators to remotely control its features, minimizing the need to visit equipment in hostile environments and in doing so greatly increases end-user safety. Its capability of passing encrypted voice and situational awareness data through unencrypted radios, allows it to be left unattended in the most strategically advantageous locations.

Deployed teams need to stay in touch with their operations room regardless of where they are. This key customer segment now has access to encrypted TacSat capability via this solution from GRC which is a key strategic requirement for them.

Randy Roberts, Chief Innovation Officer at Thuraya

We are delighted to say that the Arion solution is available through an extensive distribution network of service providers around the world. Our solution provides a strategic advantage to our customers in the most demanding environments where line of sight communications is critical but impossible. We are pleased to announce this particular partnership with Thuraya which allows our customers to use our mission critical solution in some of the most remote and geographically important areas in the world.

Iain Pope Managing Director of GRC

Global XPress

The first global ka-band high speed satellite broadband network

Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) will soon be the first globally available Ka-Band satellite network. Delivering seamless high speed broadband connectivity on land, sea and in the air over their new I5 constellation of satellites.

Inmarsat-5 satellites operate with a combination of fixed narrow spot beams that enable Inmarsat to deliver higher speed through more compact terminals, plus steerable beams so additional capacity can be directed in real-time to where it's needed.

The first GX satellite (I-5 F1) launched in December 2013 and entered commercial service in July 2014, powering regional GX service for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The second Inmarsat-5 F2 launched on the 1st February 2015 and is currently making its way to its orbital position where it will undergo operational testing. I-5 F3 is on schedule to be launched later in the year completing the initial constellation and will deliver global connectivity.

GRC were the first company in the world to deploy a commercial GX terminal. Our valued knowledge in the industry has placed us in position to sell both Inmarsat GX airtime and hardware from all vendors for Land. We have also completed testing on our own Scytale products over Global Xpress with Arion to be completed by Q1 FY15.

Currently there are hardware options for both static and mobile which are both manual and auto acquiring. Data sheets can be provided on request.

Please contact us for further information on pricing of airtime and hardware.

Click here for Inmarsat's Launch of I-5 F2

GRC aids deployment and tracking of Emergency Response Teams

The challenge

When one of the most powerful storms ever recorded - Typhoon Haiyan - tore a path of destruction over 100 miles wide through the central Philippines In November 2013, it left behind a shattered landscape. Over 6000 people were killed, four million were left homeless and over 14 million were affected by the typhoon.

BT activated its Emergency Response Teams (ERT) as soon as the scale of the devastation emerged. Comprising a network of up to 40 highly-skilled engineers, the teams are trained to respond to the most extreme emergency situations and equipped to face almost any challenge, being vitally important both to other first-responders and the affected communities.

An initial team of four left the UK to provide reconnaissance and planning on the ground, followed by three more BT units supplying equipment to provide satellite-based communications to three locations, as all power, fixed line infrastructure and mobile networks were down. A quick response was vital in order for relief workers to co-ordinate their efforts and save lives, but the whole area was exceptionally hazardous for workers, particularly as no communication networks were in operation.

The solution

To help with the deployment and tracking of the ERT's, which was essential to maximise the resource and make sure that assets were deployed when and where they were most needed, BT selected GRC's TrackIT mapping application.

This solution consisted of the user friendly mapping panel, which can be stand alone or accessed from anywhere in the world, and a hand-held global two-way satellite personal tracking device. The central management system allows all deployed assets to be tracked and monitored on any appropriate map and has the capability to overlay bespoke plans and drawings to provide greater detail for specialist operations.

The TrackIT; solution also stores historic data of asset movement and operational information, allowing comprehensive and effective debriefs, while supporting the two-way messaging between the mapping panel and the user's device. Each BT team member carried with them an ultra-low power tracking device which provided automatic location reports and contained a panic alert button and integrated motion sensor. These devices are capable of sending up to 1500 reports on one charge.

The GRC TrackIT solution allowed BT's Early Response Teams to be deployed effectively, quickly and safely; giving each team member the confidence to carry out their vital duties.

John McGraw of the BT ERT said: "The GRC TrackIT solution allowed team members to be tracked in the most hostile of environments and provided a vital tool in ensuring our assets were deployed effectively and safely".

To see the BT Emergency Response Team in action in the Philippines, follow the link:

Scytale communication solution selected for the WelComE Service

Global RadioData Communication Ltd is to supply its rucksack based communications solution, Scytale, to the WelComE Service which is operated by Airbus Defence and Space. The Scytale package provides flexible, reliable and cost effective communications in areas where no existing network is in place. Housed in a rugged, Peli backpack and weighing approximately 10 kilograms, Scytale provides a rapidly deployable private, VoIP and data network.

The WelComE (Welfare Communications Everywhere) service is responsible for the provision of welfare communication services to UK MoD deployed personnel and will be celebrating its 15 year anniversary in October this year.

WelComE provides entitled UK MoD service personnel on the frontline with the ability to keep in touch with family and friends back home, wherever they are depoyed in the world through a range of publically funded communication services.

We are very pleased that the WelComE Service has selected the Scytale solution to provide communications as part of its welfare offering. Our service personnel do a fantastic job in the most demanding of environments all over the world and it makes everyone at GRC proud to know that our Scytale solution can help provide a much needed link back home.

Jeremy Habberley, Head of Business Development for GRC

GRC worked with us to provide exactly the right solution for our specific requirements. The flexibility of the Scytale solution means we now offer a more extensive portfolio of reliable welfare communication services from anywhere in the world

Kim Stevenson, Welcome Service Manager

GRC Ltd welcomes West Midlands MEP to Hereford

Hereford based Global RadioData Communication Ltd last week hosted a visit to its headquarters by Anthea McIntyre, MEP for the West Midlands. Miss McIntyre visited the company to learn more about important contracts recently secured and to see demonstrations of the innovative mission critical communication solutions developed by GRC. She also toured the office, where she was introduced to staff members and directors.

GRC has won a number of important contracts that assist with both the military and aid effort in the Middle East this year. It has also launched its Scytale communication rucksack solution which can be deployed in crisis and humanitarian situations, providing essential communications where no existing network is in place.

GRC is producing some creative and unique solutions that help both our military and emergency responders. It was great to see firsthand the technical expertise that exists in the Midlands and how GRC has won contracts not only in the UK but around the world.

Anthea McIntyre MEP

Over the past 12 months GRC has demonstrated it has the expertise and innovation to compete on a global scale and it was great to be able to show our communication solutions to Anthea. A great deal of hard work by all the staff has resulted in some significant new contracts which have enabled us to grow the workforce by over 15% this year.

Iain Pope, Managing Director of GRC

GRC Ltd welcomes Jesse Norman MP to its headquarters

Hereford based Global RadioData Communication Ltd was the focus of a visit by Jesse Norman MP this week. Mr Norman visited the company to hear about recent business secured and to tour the office, where he met staff and saw firsthand their mission critical communication solutions.

GRC has won a number of important contracts that assist with both the military and humanitarian effort in the Middle East this year. It has also launched its Scytale rucksack solution which can be deployed in crisis and humanitarian situations, providing essential communications where no existing network is in place.

GRC is a leading example of how local companies with specialist technical expertise can compete and be successful in the world market.

Jesse Norman MP

It is great to have the support of Jesse and for our efforts to be recognised. With our customer focused, innovative approach we have won a number of significant contracts, enabling us to grow the workforce by over 15% this year.

Iain Pope, Managing Director of GRC

GRC and Avanti announce compatibility approval for SandFly Ka band antenna system

Following rigorous type approval testing, GRC's new four piece carbon fibre manual fly away satellite system has been endorsed for use on Avanti Communications' fleet of Ka-band satellites.

The market leading combination of the new GRC SandFly system and Avanti's high quality satellite technology provides a cost effective mobile satellite solution for all users requiring a flexible, mobile Ka-band service. Avanti is a leading global satellite operator, with vast experience of deploying high speed data communications to consumers, enterprises, governments and carrier services beyond the reach of fibre.

The new GRC SandFly antenna is designed to transmit and receive operation in Ka-band, providing an extremely light-weight segmented reflector that is easily transported in a handheld transit case.

We are delighted to have achieved Avanti Ka-band Type Approval for our SandFly system. We believe this combination provides an unrivalled and cost-effective mobile solution under Avanti’s satellite footprint and will prove invaluable to any organisation requiring high speed satellite broadband.

Tony Talbot - Technical Sales Manager for GRC

GRC extends business development team

In line with its overall strategy for growth, GRC Ltd has announced the appointment of two senior personnel to newly created business development roles. Jeremy Habberley and Tony Talbot have joined the company in positions designed to expand its share of the mission critical communication market, both within the UK and globally.

Jeremy is heading up business development and will rely on GRC's entire mission critical communications portfolio to achieve growth, including the recently launched iGMTT mobile talk-through solution and the market leading 'office in a box' Scytale product. Meanwhile, Tony's focus will be on selling and supporting GRC's extensive range of satellite products and services, including the recently released Sandfly satellite antennae.

Previously, Jeremy has held senior sales positions with Sepura plc, i2 Mobile ltd and, most recently, Experian where he was sales director for international and partners. "I'm very pleased to join GRC at such a key time in its development and welcome the opportunity to drive its continued growth", he said. "The company has an enviable reputation for producing innovative, reliable and state of the art communications solutions, which makes for compelling propositions for mission critical users", he added.

Tony has over 13 years experience in the private and public sector commissioning, supporting and selling satellite solutions, working in both the supply chain and as an end user. Tony has an excellent working knowledge of the implementation of MSS and FSS.

Jeremy and Tony's appointments mark an exciting time for GRC. Both have extensive industry experience and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and skills that will help drive our growth. I've no doubt they will be valuable additions to the team and in supporting our market leading status.

Iain Pope - Managing Director of GRC

GRC track fundraiser's walk for charity

Glenn Brown, a keen fundraiser from Airbus Group UK will be passing through Hereford on the 11th June on his journey from the Airbus office in Hawarden, Flintshire to the Airbus site in Newport.

Glenn is walking a total of 134 miles in five days to raise money for the Countess of Chester Hospital Fund. He stops in Hereford on the 11th June after reaching the halfway mark having already marched through Shrewsbury and Ledbury.

Having raised over £1000 already, the pressure is on for Glenn to complete the grueling challenge but he has many supporters cheering him on.

Glenn is also taking a GPS tracker with him along the way, provided by Hereford based communications company, GRC ltd. To follow Glenn on his journey simply log on to the GRC TrackIT panel at using Username: CNewport2014 and password: chester14

To donate to Glenn please visit his JustGiving page 

GRC gear up for official launch in Dubai

The doors to GRC Dubai will be officially opened on the 19th of May at an exclusive launch taking place at the British Embassy. Invited guests from the Security Industry, Oil and Gas sector and representatives from non-government organisations will attend the ceremony for a demonstration of the products and services that GRC Dubai aim to offer.

Four representatives from the GRC UK office will be co-ordinating the event alongside the Director of GRC Dubai, Kris Murphy.The event, which has been organised with help from UKTI, marks the beginning of a new chapter in GRC's history. GRC is actively growing and the vision is to expand into new market and geographical territories over the coming years.

With a wealth of experience providing communications equipment to the MOD and Government, and after a particularly innovative year in which the Scytale Lite was launched, GRC are moving towards a brighter future. GRC Dubai marks the first step on the road to global growth and will strengthen existing relationships with customers and suppliers in the UAE as well as leading to new business ventures in the Middle-East.