Five main markets sit at the heart of GRC’s specialist communication provision and we are proud to say we can demonstrate a proven heritage, product excellence and cutting edge competency in all of these marketplaces.  

In brief our GRC focus markets can be summarized as follows:

Military: Military organizations work in extreme environments where dependable and robust communications are essential. The team here at GRC works closely with armed forces around the globe, supplying communication systems, consultancy and situational awareness solutions that are fit for purpose, cost effective and reliable - even in the most diverse of situations!

Emergency Responders;: We work closely with a diverse populous of blue light personnel & emergency response organizations. Primarily GRC seek to build innovative communication systems that enable emergency personnel and rapid response teams to carry on with their vital work, safe in the knowledge that wherever they are - communication is both possible & secure.

Government: Whether it is resilient back up communication for Government embassy’s or local authorities requiring contingency solutions in the event of natural disasters; we are able to supply range extension and private communication networks that provide continuous and seamless connectivity regardless of what existing network infrastructure exists.

Commercial: From oil and gas companies, through to mining industries and including forestry & agriculture users, the teams here at GRC are able to scope and supply innovative and cost effective solutions - which allow for wide area, remote and where needed, secure communications of both voice and data.

Aid Agencies: Operating in challenging conditions, where there is often little or no communication infrastructure, Aid Agencies and NGO’s need fast acting and easy to use solutions that provide effective and secure communications - both in territory and across the globe. Encapsulating all of these communication requirements, GRC’s products are easy to use, lightweight and can be rapidly deployed.

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