The Arion Mission Module that extends to beyond line of sight range of your tactical radio. Designed to be used with numerous tactical multi-band radios, the Mission Module is capable of passing encrypted voice and situational awareness data through unencrypted radios, allowing it to be left unattended in the most strategically advantageous location.

It has been designed to work as part of a network and can be powered from the Radio.

With the IP feature the Mission Module is also capable of transmitting real-time, encrypted communications directly to any base station or IGMTT anywhere in the world via a range of IP bearers (GSM, Microwave, ISP, or Satellite). This functionality also allows remote control of its features, minimising the need to visit equipment in hostile environments and greatly increasing user safety.

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Key Features

  • Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) capability
  • Used with tactical multi-band radios
  • Can be managed remotely
  • Networked via any IP Bearer
  • All informed encrypted network using existing radio encryption
  • Not frequency dependant for TacSat use
  • Requires a minimum bandwidth of only 20Kbps

Technical Specification

PowerDirectly from the radio
Operating Temp-20°C to +60°C
Battery Life8 hours (approx based on 1:10 transmit: standby / receive ratio)
ConnectivityGSM, Microwave, ISP, Satellite
Additional FeaturesRemote control and monitoring
Used as part of Arion solution


Used by MilitaryNot used by Emergency RespondersNot used by GovernmentNot used in the Commercial sectorNot used by Aid Agencies

Product Code

GRC-014776-GP - (pictured)


GRC-014771-GP : Mission Module for Harris

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