MicroSat, comprises a fully integrated (including BUC and Modem), fully ruggedized terminal that is optimised for all applications, and is ideal for demanding environments, such as in helicopters, boats, and vehicles. With its unique all-in-one design, MicroSat is the leading choice for ATV’s, Maritime applications and quick deployment tasks. The MicroSat family has options for both the KA and KU bands, providing autonomous operation for transmitting and receiving bandwidth data rates at more than 10 Mbps.

Key Features

  • Lightweight at only 7.6 KG
  • Compact installation
  • Low power consumption
  • High performance with data rates over 10 Mbps
  • High performance with data rates over 10 Mbps
  • Modem agnostic
  • Optional internal 4W BUC
  • Replaceable to Ku Band

Technical Specification

RF PerformanceKa BandKu Band
Tx Frequency29-31 OR 27.5-30 GHz12.75-13.25 OR 13.7-14.5 GHz
Rx Frequency19.2-21.2 OR 17.5-20 GHz10.7-12.75 OR 10.7-11.45 GHz
Gain Tx34 dBi27.5 dBi
Gain Rx32 dBi26.4 dBi
G/T8.2 dB / K3.2 dB / K
PolarisationRHCP/LHCP (co-pol / cross-pol)Linear (V/H) Automatic Skew Control
Max EIRP45.8dBW (25w BUC)40.7dBW (35w BUC)
Tx / Rx isolation60 dB60 dB
Panel Size248 x 135mm (9.8 x 5.3")248 x 135mm (9.8 x 5.3")
AzimuthContinues coverage over full 360°Continues coverage over full 360°
Elevation0° to 90°0° to 90°
Control TechniqueCombined IMU / RSSI / GPS (Optional)Combined IMU / RSSI / GPS (Optional)
Pointing Accuracy0.2°0.2°
VelocityAzimuth >200° / Sec, Elevation > 200° / SecAzimuth >200° / Sec, Elevation > 200° / Sec
Initial Acquisition Time<20 sec<20 sec
Re-Acquisition time<100ms<100ms
ManagementRS-232 / EthernetRS-232 / Ethernet
Power Input24-54VDC24-54VDC
Power Consumption20W (RX), 170W (PSAT)20W (RX), 150W (PSAT)
InterfacesRS-232, Ethernet, TX / RXRS-232, Ethernet, TX / RX
WeightKa: 7.6 Kg (16.7 lb) optional lower weightKu: 8.1 Kg (17.8 lb) optional lower weight
System size26x30cm (10.2 x 11.8")26x30cm (10.2 x 11.8")


Used by MilitaryUsed by Emergency RespondersUsed by GovernmentUsed in the Commercial sectorUsed by Aid Agencies

Product Code

GRC-MICROSATLM - (pictured)

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