The Global Xpress Link Emulator from Gatehouse provides you with the latest technology to demonstrate and test your GX solutions. It enables you to verify functionality at all times, in all places, in any scenario – without use of a terminal and costly airtime.

The GX Link Emulator (GLE) is a one box solution that replaces the terminal, satellite link and ground station. The GLE allows for solution testing and verification, on an emulated GX link, as if the user was connected to the real GX network.

The GLE allows the user to simulate a range of real life scenarios such as network congestion and bandwidth degradation and offers graphs and counters to monitor and optimise data throughput.

The Global Xpress Link Emulator (GLE) offers a user-friendly network sandbox environment which enables exchange of IP data via an emulated Global Xpress connection providing realistic bandwidth and latency. The tool enables the user to verify and demonstrate functionality of GX solutions at all times, in all places, in any scenario – without use of a terminal and costly airtime.


There are significant challenges when proving or demonstrating solution performance using on-air satellite links.

“Will we have good network conditions for conduct the customer demo today?”
“Testing the solution is cumbersome and expensive, with more cost for the demo!”

On-air testing requires bringing a terminal and antenna to the required destination and establishing line of sight to the satellite, which can become even more challenging if the location has security regulations in place restricting satellite terminal usage. Even if you can get on-air, you still have no insight into the conditions of the network at the given time and place; and are often limited by a single demo airtime plan.

Will other users take up bandwidth?
Will there be weather fade?
How will a solution perform with a different airtime package and would a cheaper plan be sufficient to save the customer money?

An off-air alternative for GX solution testing is the GX Link Emulator.


Test and demo efficiently
By testing in a controlled and reproducible environment, you can more easily identify when problems arise with regards to your solutions performance. The predictable environment makes planning and execution of test processes more efficient, putting you are in control of what user experience your customer demonstrations deliver.

Anywhere, any time
With the GLE you are no longer dependent on transporting a terminal, having line-of-sight or network conditions at your physical location. You can therefore verify and demonstrate solutions on-site, with your customer, or at tradeshows, while showcasing any thinkable scenario.


Using the GLE you can run scenarios on:

  • Network settings
  • Network congestion
  • Different service plans
  • Signal degradation (weather, terrain, etc.)

Key Features

  • Provides a controllable test and demo environment that can be set-up to fit the user’s bespoke needs
  • Requires no terminal and antenna (no set-up, no LoS)
  • Small and lightweight tool, easily carried in hand luggage - no security clearance necessary
  • Offers all GX airtime plans – switch between them with a click
  • Verify and show your customers’ solution performance in worst case and perfect network conditions


Not used by MilitaryNot used by Emergency RespondersUsed by GovernmentUsed in the Commercial sectorNot used by Aid Agencies

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GRC-GXEMULATOR - (pictured)

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