Scytale Tactical Cloud is a managed Internet as a bearer service, adding an unparalleled level of security for remote working and delivering unprecedented availability to the battlespace.

Scytale Tactical Cloud uses cloud technologies to create flexible, secure, global transit networks, delivering traffic around the globe, while minimising exposure and maximising availability.

Regular VPN clients and high level encryption can protect your data, but they don't conceal the transmission itself, or the destination of your data, which can disclose your identity, activity and agenda to external parties.

Scytale Tactical Cloud enables direct connection from the user’s host infrastructure into the cloud via a private fibre link, increasing security, system availability and making direct connection into an organisations existing network infrastructure viable.

Each deployment of Scytale Tactical Cloud is unique and our dedicated team will work with you on your requirements, adding a unique layer of protection for your communication and data transfer needs.

Please contact us for more information, on +44 (1432) 373800 or by email on sales@grcltd.net

Key Features

  • Unparalleled security for remote working
  • IKEv2/IPSEC Encryption
  • Bearer and device agnostic
  • Direct connection to your existing network
  • Unprecedented availability
  • Designed around NCSC cloud security principles
  • 24/7 Support Available


Used by MilitaryNot used by Emergency RespondersUsed by GovernmentNot used in the Commercial sectorNot used by Aid Agencies

Product Code

GRC-TACLOUD - (pictured)

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