GRC provide a combination of simple setup and optimal performance with the Swarm45 terminal, offering ultra portable communication services for the commercial, government, disaster recovery and military sectors.

Complete with a lowprofile mount, the Swarm45 is fully portable and supports tool-free assembly.

Installation manuals and a quick start guide are supplied with the iDirect X7 which has an integrated X7 modem and provides a graphical user interface for monitor and control to manageable terminal components.

This simple and intuitive deployment/setup method involves audio and visual pointing aids and provides an effective method of acquiring the satellite without the extra bulk of motors and controllers.

As standard, the Swarm45 is packaged in a ruggedised case. Other packaging options are also available.

To increase flexibility and adaptability, we can offer alternative interface options to the standard 100BaseT, including fibre and wireless solutions.

Key Features

  • 45cm flat panel antenna
  • Integrated antenna mount
  • 5W BUC and LNB
  • Integrated iDirect X7 modem
  • Rapid deploy and stow
  • Compact operating footprint
  • Full Ka-Band capability
  • Tool-free assembly and alignment

Technical Specification

Frequency RangeRx: 19.2 - 20.2 GHzEIRP46 dBw
Tx: 29.0 - 30.0 GHzG/T133.5 dB/K
PolarisationCircular, RH or LHPositionerUltra lightweight manual adjust
Local OscillatorRx: 18.25GHz / Tx- 28.55GHz
Local Oscillator Phase Noise (Tx)@100Hz - 50dBc/HzEnvironmental
@1KHz - 75dBc/HzAmbient Operating TemperatureAntenna - 25°C to +55°C
@10KHz - 81 dBc/HzPIM-X7 -25°C to +55°C
@100KHz - 95 dBc/HZOperating HumidityAntenna 0 to 95% (condensing)
@1MHz - 105 dBc/HzPIM-X7 0 to 95% (condensing)
@10MHz - 112 dBc/Hz
External Power100 - 230v AC (50-60Hz)Mechanical
Ingress ProtectionX-7 (IP65)Azimuth Adjustment180° Continuous
BUC/LNB (IP65)25° Continuous (fine)
Radiation Pattern ComplianceFCC 25.138, FCC 25.209Elevation Adjustment0° to 90° Continuous
PolarisationManual Circular X-Pol RHCP / LHCP


Used by MilitaryUsed by Emergency RespondersUsed by GovernmentUsed in the Commercial sectorNot used by Aid Agencies

Product Code

014888-GP - 014888-GP (pictured)

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