Swarm45 is an extremely compact, rugged, lightweight and unobtrusive system providing high-throughput data rates, making it ideally suited to the government, defence, commercial and disaster recovery sectors.

It is operational on Global Xpress, Avanti and other high-throughput Ka-Band satellites and can also be configured to operate at Ku and X-Band frequencies.

Swarm45 provides everything needed for straightforward setup and pointing, allowing the user to be operational in less than 5 minutes. Complete with a lowprofile mount, this simple, intuitive and tool-free deployment/setup method involves audio and visual pointing aids and provides an effective method of acquiring the satellite without the extra bulk of motors and controllers. Installation manuals and a quick start guide are supplied with the iDirect X7 which has an integrated X7 modem and provides a graphical user interface for monitor and control to manageable terminal components.

As a single integrated system, Swarm45 can withstand harsh environmental conditions. It has comparable performance to a 65cm parabolic antenna and can be assembled and operated in half the height making more resilient to wind.

Wet performance is also greatly increased when compared to a parabolic as the signal passes through the antenna only once, reducing rain attenuation. Additionally, the flat panel design sheds water easily and avoids water pooling.

The Swarm45 packs in to a single hard case, which can be carried as airline hand baggage, with other packaging options, including a MOLLE backpack, available.

Key Features

  • Data rates over 20Mbps (service dependent)
  • 45cm flat panel antenna
  • Total weight only 14.5kg/32lbs
  • Setup in under 5 minutes
  • Full Ka-Band capability
  • Compact operating footprint
  • Integrated iDirect modem
  • Tool-free assembly and simple alignment

Technical Specification

Frequency RangeRx: 19.2 - 20.2 GHzEIRP46 dBw
Tx: 29.0 - 30.0 GHzG/T13 dB/K
PolarisationCircular, RH or LHPositionerUltra lightweight manual adjust
Local OscillatorRx: 18.25GHz / Tx- 28.55GHz
Local Oscillator Phase Noise (Tx)@100Hz - 50dBc/HzEnvironmental
@1KHz - 75dBc/HzAmbient Operating TemperatureAntenna - 25°C to +55°C
@10KHz - 81 dBc/HzPIM-X7 -25°C to +55°C
@100KHz - 95 dBc/HZOperating HumidityAntenna 0 to 95% (condensing)
@1MHz - 105 dBc/HzPIM-X7 0 to 95% (condensing)
@10MHz - 112 dBc/Hz
External Power100 - 230v AC (50-60Hz)Mechanical
Ingress ProtectionX-7 (IP65)Azimuth Adjustment180° Continuous
BUC/LNB (IP65)25° Continuous (fine)
Radiation Pattern ComplianceFCC 25.138, FCC 25.209Elevation Adjustment0° to 90° Continuous
PolarisationManual Circular X-Pol RHCP / LHCP


Used by MilitaryUsed by Emergency RespondersUsed by GovernmentUsed in the Commercial sectorNot used by Aid Agencies

Product Code

014888-GP - 014888-GP (pictured)

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