Thuraya's indoor enablers allow you to use any of our products in an indoor setting, providing coverage of up to 100m2 with the support of an outdoor antenna to provide maximum signal strength. Thuraya's indoor enablers are easy to install and supports voice, data/fax, SMS and GmPRS at speeds of up to 60/15kbps (download/upload).

Key Features

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Supports voice, data/fax up to 9.6 kbps, SMS and GmPRS up to 60/15 kbps (download/upload)
  • Indoor coverage of up to 500 sqm (depending on room layout)
  • Multiple Indoor Repeaters can be used to cover bigger rooms
  • Outdoor antenna can be rotated to ensure maximum signal strength
  • Improves wireless connectivity
  • Supports all Thuraya handsets

Technical Specification

Single-Channel RepeaterMulti-Channel Repeater
Users Supported1 user at a timeUp to 10 simultaneous users
Coverage Area (depending on room layout)Up to 100sqmUp to 530sqm
SizeIndoor Repeater:Indoor Repeater:
120mm x 170mm x 64mm213mm x 180mm x 39mm
Outdoor Antenna:Outdoor Antenna:
124mm x 164mm x 51mm124mm x 164mm x 51mm
WeightIndoor Repeater: 1.2 kgIndoor Repeater: 1.68 kg
Outdoor Antenna: 0.4 kgOutdoor Antenna: 0.4g


Not used by MilitaryUsed by Emergency RespondersUsed by GovernmentUsed in the Commercial sectorUsed by Aid Agencies

Product Code

GRC-014503-PK - Single channel (fixed) (pictured)


GRC-014502-PK : Single Channel (portable)
GRC-014504-PK : Multi channel bundle

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