The ROVER FMV-MM is an IP-based, multi-band, secure digital and analogue receiver, designed ease of integration and with low SWaP (Size, Weight and Power).

Combining the ROVER FMV-MM with compatible Thales radios, delivers one of the most capable and integrated ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) and C2 (Command and Control) comms solutions on the market.

With its variety of interfaces, the user can connect the FMV-MM to most existing soldier systems, display devices, computers and power sources.



The Global Xpress Link Emulator from Gatehouse provides you with the latest technology to demonstrate and test your GX solutions. It enables you to verify functionality at all times, in all places, in any scenario – without use of a terminal and costly airtime.

The GX Link Emulator (GLE) is a one box solution that replaces the terminal, satellite link and ground station. The GLE allows for solution testing and verification, on an emulated GX link, as if the user was connected to the real GX network.


Scytale Armour Comms is a CPA certified encryption app for secure, voice, video, messaging, group chat and data, available on iOS and Android devices. Offering an easy to use, cost-effective service providing advanced security, allowing sensitive data to be passed.



Connecting dual GSM cellular networks and additional bearers where available (e.g. SatCom, Wi- Fi), Scytale Mini+ provides enhanced data throughputs, ideally suited to applications requiring highly secure data, voice, and video communications in challenging environments.

Designed to provide connectivity for stationary and mobile networks, the Scytale Mini+ can withstand shock, vibration, humidity and extreme temperatures, making it ideally suited to users on the move, or in hostile environments.



Scytale Tactical Cloud is a managed Internet as a bearer service, adding an unparalleled level of security for remote working and delivering unprecedented availability to the battlespace.

Scytale Tactical Cloud uses cloud technologies to create flexible, secure, global transit networks, delivering traffic around the globe, while minimising exposure and maximising availability.



GRC Satellite Terminals and RoIP Demo Day

A great day showcasing a range of satellite terminals and proving capabilities to visitors at GRC, from the small form Swarm, Tampa Microwave Manpack and Satcube to the Tampa 1.3m and Paradigm Connect100. We also demonstrated GRC’s own SCYTALE suite and our Mission Modules attached to Thuraya Telecom IP+, providing RoIP.



Chamber of Commerce Networking Day at Oldcastle

Huge thanks to Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce and Visit Herefordshire for a superb networking day at the beautiful Oldcastle in Colwall. A fantastic event and a great chance to meet fellow Herefordshire and Worcestershire businesses... where better to discuss cloud security than under skies like these!




Hereford Lads Club Panthers Visit GRC

GRC are extremely proud to sponsor Hereford Lads Club Under 11's Team - The Panthers. It was great to meet players Zach and Tom, who delivered a superb presentation about their team and football ambitions. Wishing The Panthers the best of luck in their upcoming games and looking forward to seeing them among the World Cup squad in a few years time!



GRC and Avanti Partner for Kenya Disaster Response Communications

Avanti Communications Group plc (“Avanti”), a leading provider of satellite data communications services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (“EMEA”), has announced its new project, Satellite Enablement for Disaster Risk Reduction in Kenya (“SatDRR Kenya”). Through satellite technology, the project will enhance Kenya’s ability to plan for and respond to disasters.



Satcube and Scytale Mini+ ready for delivery!

The first pair of Satcube Terminals on Intelsat airtime and GRC Scytale Mini+ have been delivered! This innovative satcom terminal weighs only 8KG, will set up in <10mins, yet delivers speeds of up to 20Mbps via HTS satellite. Combined with the Scytale Mini+, this duo will provide secure, high-speed VoIP and Data communication to the most remote areas on the planet!



Latest VSAT Offering

Current Terminals of choice for quick move deployments where size, weight and power are key requirements. The Tampa Microwave Manpack 65 and Satcube AB are one-man carry satcom terminals and are able to be established <10 minutes on arrival. Combined with the GRC SCYTALE baseband units, they provide IP Voice and Data at high bandwidth with 99.5% availability.



Lebanon Support from GRC

We don’t just provide hardware, airtime and remote support… our engineers, who are always ready for deployments, have been completing repairs and training with users operating in Lebanon, maintaining critical communications with VT iDirect satcom kit operating on Avanti Communications  airtime in one of the region’s most challenging environments.



MicroSat, comprises a fully integrated (including BUC and Modem), fully ruggedized terminal that is optimised for all applications, and is ideal for demanding environments, such as in helicopters, boats, and vehicles. With its unique all-in-one design, MicroSat is the leading choice for ATV’s, Maritime applications and quick deployment tasks. The MicroSat family has options for both the KA and KU bands, providing autonomous operation for transmitting and receiving bandwidth data rates at more than 10 Mbps.



GRC Hoplite Fund Charity Bike Ride Day 6

Day 6 of the Hoplite Charity Bike Ride and Team GRC have crossed the border back into England and on to the finish line in Hereford... which coincidentally turned out to be at another pub! A huge thanks from Iain and Mike for all the kind comments from everyone, it's been a great trip and the support and sponsorship for this worthy cause is hugely appreciated!



GRC Hoplite Fund Charity Bike Ride Day 5

The Hoplite Charity Bike Ride rolls on to day 5 and the end is almost in sight! After a week of sunshine, it was a slightly damp start to the day when Iain and Mike mounted up in Nantgaredig, but they were soon on their way, finishing in Three Cocks (must resist childish jokes...) to a day which has seen... 54 miles covered and 20 pints and 5 curry lunches consumed!



GRC Hoplite Fund Charity Bike Ride Day 4

Day 4 of the Hoplite Charity Bike Ride and Team GRC have covered another 50 miles! Mounting up in Solva, they headed East through gentle... okay, okay... steep Welsh hills, to end the day in Nantgaredig, just past Carmarthen. This was also the point where the boys "Jack Wagon" support crew swapped over from Jimmy Hayes to Gaz Pope - a huge thank you to Jimmy from Iain and Mike for all his help this week!



GRC Hoplite Fund Charity Bike Ride Day 3

Day 3 of the Tour de Wales and Team GRC have completed the North to South leg of the Hoplite Charity Bike Ride, covering 185 miles so far! Starting the day in New Quay, Iain and Mike made their way down the Welsh coast to St Davids, before turning the corner to Solva, where like true athletes... they went to the pub!


Next wave of Tampa Satellite Terminals on Avanti and Scytale+ ready for delivery!

This time in fashionable desert colours, the next wave of Tampa Microwave Terminals on Avanti Communications and Inmarsat airtime, with Scytale+ are good to go! Packing into a single bag, this lightweight satcom terminal is capable of delivering high bandwidth speeds, and combined with our Scytale+, offers the perfect solution for secure, discrete VoIP and data in challenging environments.



GRC Hoplite Fund Charity Bike Ride Day 2

Day 2 and back in the saddle for Team GRC on the Hoplite Fund Charity Bike Ride. Iain and Mike set off from Dolgellau, heading through Aberystwyth and finishing the day in New Quay, another 60 miles done and a well earned ice cream to celebrate! A huge thank you from the boys for all the likes and comments on our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts too, they're much appreciated!



Day 1 of the GRC Hoplite Fund Charity Bike Ride

Day 1 of the GRC Hoplite Fund Charity Bike Ride done and dusted! Team GRC (Iain Pope and Mike McBride) set off bright and early this morning from Holyhead, Anglesey, made their way across the Menai Bridge, through the beautiful Welsh countryside to Dolgellau, covering 72 miles - well done chaps!



GRC at the 3CDSE in Malvern

It's a beautiful sunny day outside and... err, ok it's grey and wet... but we're all setup and ready for the #3CDSE in Malvern today! We've got the Tampa Microwave Manpack and Paradigm Swarm satcom terminals on show alongside our Scytale+, Lite and Mini as well as the premiere of the Scytale Tactical Cloud!




Tampa Manpack VSAT testing at GRC

Ha ha! For a minute there I thought you said you wanted to test the Tampa Microwave Manpack on the roof even though it's absolutely hammering it down with rain... oh, you did... at least we've got the Bank Holiday weekend to dry out!



3CDSE Show in Malvern

There's only 9 days until the Three Counties Defence and Security Expo (#3CDSE) in Malvern. Come and see us for the latest info on SCYTALE Tactical Cloud, in addition to our rapidly deployable, remote comms solution SCYTALE Lite and Mini, which will be setup alongside some of the worlds most innovative lightweight satellite terminals! Looking forward to seeing you on the 31 May.