Global Xpress Airtime can be purchased for applications in a variety of sectors. These usually fall under several sub sectors, GX for Enterprise, GX for Government, GX for Maritime & GX for Aero. The airtime offerings are then further broken down into terminal size numbers. For example if you wanted a 0.98m Connect 100T as your hardware you would fall into the 1m terminal size airtime packages. If you were to go for a larger reflector it is likely that your airtime costs would decrease on a comparative package as you are more spectrally efficient.

Airtime packages can then be offered on either a 95% or 99.5% availability SLA and can be tied to a region or on a global beam. And then there are several options in Bandwidth, both MIR (Maximum Information Rate) and CIR (Committed Information Rate). On varying levels on contention or as a 1 to 1 dedicated service. Because of the size of the offerings with Global Xpress if you would like a quote on some airtime please let us know and we can provide a quote.

The following should be considered

  1. What size reflector are you intending on using on the remote side?
  2. What SLA type do you require?
  3. Are you using a static remote or a flyaway?
  4. What are your bandwidth requirements?

If you are unsure and would like some more advice on your quotation please get in touch and direct your questions to our Satellite Sales Team

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