We are a leading VNO partner with Avanti Communications. We offer satellite capacity on any of the satellites in the Hylas fleet and on Artemis. We have delivered multiple beams across the EMEA with various bandwidth requirements all on an iDirect platforms. Our engineers are IOM trained and able to facilitate / understand opportunities built on the idx platform. Additionally, we can supply all associated Avanti approved antenna systems required to build your solution.

Avanti is the leading provider of satellite connectivity for consumers, businesses and governments across EMEA. Their fleet of HYLAS satellites and range of accompanying services, have the capability and flexibility to address any requirement, regardless of geographic location, circumstance or budget.

Avanti have invested in bringing the latest Ka-band technology to deliver high speed data and broadband services across EMEA. Supported by a world-class fibre infrastructure, GRC work with the most respected vendors in the field to provide the best possible solutions for each of our customers.

We also offer Avanti’s Occasional Use packages, which can be tailored in either bandwidth or GB usage, to fulfil your requirement on a pay as you use basis.

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