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GRC provide real time capability to Defence, Government, Industry and disaster relief operations.  The solutions are Satellite, RF and IP Network based and as a system integrator we have the agility and experience to deliver COTS, MOTS or bespoke solutions and services.

Our partnerships and status as a Tier 1 VAR (Value-Added Reseller) with many of the world’s leading satellite hardware and airtime providers enable solutions to be cost effective, which can be tailored to end user requirements.  All our services are offered with a complete support package which can be 24/7 365 if required. We do offer Lease terms for our products or alternatively, straight procurement, working with the end users to meet their budgets.  Our team have extensive Operational and Commercial experience in the sectors we deliver to and therefore understand fully the needs of the user and the environments where they may need to operate in.


Get connected anywhere.

Hardware – offering a wide variety of satellite enabled products, ranging from lightweight VSAT manpack terminals and hotspots, to innovative satcom on-the-move solutions and fixed dishes for long-term deployments.

Airtime – working with you to understand your voice and data needs, as a Tier 1 VAR and partner of some of the world’s leading airtime providers we’ll ensure you get the best value plan for your coverage, bandwidth and usage requirements.

Support – operate with confidence, backed-up by 24/7 support from our in-house Helpdesk and NMC (Network Monitoring Centre).


Scytale is our rapidly deployable communications solution that can be connected to a bearer of opportunity (satellite, GSM, local network, etc.), providing up to 300m Wi-Fi cover, data ports and VoIP telephones within minutes of powering on.

  • Supports next generation encryption
  • Safer remote working
  • Simple plug and play setup
  • Interoperable with defence, government and commercial networks
  • End-to-end security enabled
  • Scalable, from a single user to an entire HQ


Scytale Tactical Cloud – Take your data security to the next level, with the latest cloud based solution that can improve safety for remote users, protect digital signatures and obfuscate the source and destination of your traffic.

NMC – Based at our Head Office in Hereford, our Network Monitoring Centre (NMC) providing hardware support, network assurance, performance monitoring, escalation and resolution.

GPSN – True end-to-end security for your voice and data, utilising Commercial Satellite for Military Use.

About Us

Based in the UK, Global RadioData Communication Ltd. (GRC) specialise in the design and development of mission critical communication and situational awareness systems. Our products and services are used by government and defence agencies, emergency responders, commercial businesses and the oil, gas and mineral exploration industry throughout the world.

Specialists in satellite, GSM/LTE, cloud and IP networking, we develop solutions focusing on delivering a straight forward solution, which gets the end user connected when they need it most.

We have developed a full suite of our own Scytale products, offering simple devices that can be connected to any bearer of opportunity (i.e. satellite, local Wi-Fi, mobile networks, etc) and offering VoIP telephones, Wi-Fi and network connectivity within minutes of powering on, making them ideal for deployments in the most demanding situations in the world.


  • Defence

  • Government

  • Industry

  • Disaster Response

  • Oil, Gas and Mining

Proudly working with world leading suppliers