GRC welcomes Jesse Norman MP to Head Office in Hereford

Hereford based Global RadioData Communication Ltd was the focus of a visit by Jesse Norman MP this week. Mr Norman visited the company to hear about recent business secured and to tour the office, where he met staff and saw firsthand their mission critical communication solutions.

GRC has won a number of important contracts that assist with both the military and humanitarian effort in the Middle East this year. It has also launched its Scytale rucksack solution which can be deployed in crisis and humanitarian situations, providing essential communications where no existing network is in place.

GRC is a leading example of how local companies with specialist technical expertise can compete and be successful in the world market.” – Jesse Norman MP

It is great to have the support of Jesse and for our efforts to be recognised. With our customer focused, innovative approach we have won a number of significant contracts, enabling us to grow the workforce by over 15% this year.” – Iain Pope, Managing Director of GRC