Need to stay connected in the most remote regions in the world? Thuraya Satsleeve+ has you covered!

Whatever your reason for travelling, communication is critical. So what happens when you pull out your trusty mobile phone and see the dreaded no signal? This is where satellite phones (sat phones) deliver the answer. Unlike traditional mobile phones, which rely on a signal using local infrastructure, satellite phones receive their signal direct from satellites, allowing them to operate globally  and in the most remote regions in the world. Using a satellite phone can also allow you to take advantage of more affordable call options too, often offering better value than traditional mobile operators in many countries.

Thuraya Satsleeve+

Examples of utility:

•         Adventurous exploration/projects? 
•         Exotic holiday? 
•         Important business trip? 
•         Government travel? 
•         Educational Trips in remote regions? 
•         Business Continuity?

Think a sat phone might be right for you? GRC are here to help!

We have a range of products to suit varying needs, including innovative flagship models like the Thuraya Satsleeve+. This device uses your existing mobile smartphone, giving you the advantages of a sat phone when you need one and the convenience of your own device when you don’t.

With the Thuraya Satsleeve+ your phone mounts directly on to the device using a universal adaptor. This supports most iPhone models and popular Android devices, giving you an easy to use all in one option.

The Thuraya Satsleeve+ Hotspot offers you the same features, without the need to be directly attached to your phone. This allows the hotspot to be placed in a convenient nearby location, like outside your tent, vehicle or on your hotel balcony, potentially offering you a better signal, while allowing you to stay comfortable indoors.

Whichever option you choose, when you’re in the middle of nowhere, it’s nice to know the rest of the world is just a phone call away… and with the Thuraya Satsleeve+ it is!