Happy Christmas!

Warmest wishes for a happy Holiday Season and a wonderful New Year from everyone at GRC. Thank you to all our customers and suppliers for a great 2017 and we hope you all have a safe, enjoyable time and look forward to seeing what 2018 brings! Christmas


A swarm of Swarms! Tested and configured, these Paradigm Swarm45 SatCom Terminals on Avanti and GRC SCYTALE+ and V units are ready for delivery to the customer, providing deployable, high-speed, secure communications. Operating over the Swarm45, the GRC designed SCYTALE+ (Peli Case) and SCYTALE+ V (Peli Backpack), provides a secure, high-bandwidth (currently up to 15Mbps) voice and data connection, supporting the growing demand for deployed office/command and control by commercial and government sectors.

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Heading out to an offshore renewable energy customer, these Thuraya XT-Lite Sat Phones are ideally suited to users operating in remote areas. With credit valid for 5 YEARS on GRC’s backup sim plan, this low cost handset, with up to 80 hours standby battery life, is perfect as an emergency contact solution for commercial users, or friends and family on their travels. Contact us now to find out more: sales@grcltd.net

Though the weather outside is frightful…

Wind? Snow? Ice? Perfect conditions to setup these 2 SWARM SatCom Terminals on Avanti! Lightweight and packing into a single hard case, the Swarm45 is a perfect partner for our SCYTALE’s, offering mobile, high speed voice, data and streaming video from some of the most remote regions in the world… including snowy Hereford!

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Christmas Orders Shipped!

Festive Friday Feeling with another order wrapped up! Including a custom built MotoSolutions repeater and rapid deploy circular down fire antenna, giving First Responders a highly focused signal and allowing radio comms to stay connected even when operating in buildings!

White Helmets Motorcycle

Got that Friday Feeling? GRC MD Iain takes delivery of a White Helmets motorcycle purchased at a charity auction. Ridden by the BritishArmy Royal Corps of Signals, the White Helmets provided 90 years of daring displays and Iain needed no excuse to bid on this historic item!

Final Day of Inmarsat World Conference!

Final day of #InmarsatWorld event in Lisbon Portugal – started with a great talk from CEO Rupert Pearce on #satcom performance worldwide

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Inmarsat World Conference Day 2

Fantastic day 2 at InmarsatWorld Conference! Loads of great future satcom projects from InmarsatGlobal on land sea and air!

Inmarsat World Conference Day 1

Great day 1 at InmarsatWorld Conference! Lots of great people and interesting to learn about the future of SatCom from InmarsatGlobal

Inmarsat World Conference

Bon dia in Lisbon for the InmarsatWorld conference – Looking forward to 3 days of InmarsatGlobal Satcom innovation!