NORTH BY SOUTH – GRC proud to support James Redden

In December 2017, ex-soldier, public speaker and IT consultant, James Redden ( will embark on a full distance solo, unsupported and unaided ski to the Geographic South Pole. By undertaking this challenge James aims to raise awareness and funding for Sound about and Meningitis Now, while also completing the mission in under 30 days to set a new UK record!

Having already skied to the Geographic North Pole in 2016, James is no stranger to the challenges he’ll face, but covering a distance of about 700 miles, this expedition will be even tougher! The conditions will be brutal; with a climb from sea level to about 3000 metres in temperatures as low as -40 C and into winds of up to 80 Mph, meaning the kit he takes with him will be truly “mission critical”.

Given the solo nature of his expedition, the communications element will be crucial, providing James’ link to the outside world. To ensure he stays connected James will be taking an Iridium 9575 Satellite Phone and an Iridium GO! Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot, allowing him to check in, access social media, share photos and keep everyone updated on his progress – despite being in one of the most remote locations in the world.

GRC are proud to partner alongside Microsoft in support of James and wish him all the best in this incredible adventure!


Soundabout have pioneered the use of music, rhythm and sound to give disabled children and adults a voice, a way to express themselves and be listened to –

Meningitis Now were the first meningitis patient group in the world, founders of the meningitis movement and the only charity dedicated to fighting meningitis in the UK –