Satube out for delivery!

10 Satcubes satellite terminals ready for delivery! Huge thanks to our entire GRC Hereford team for configuring them in record time and suppliers Satcubeterminal and INTELSAT for their support. Roll on the next wave! What do you mean you want a rest?!? Ok, ok take 5 mins :-)

Satcube Training

If it’s not raining, it’s not training! Making the current UK weather ideal for satcom expert Dave to prepare for the next Satcubeterminal on INTELSAT training for end users! Offering airtime, hardware and training allows us to supply complete end-to-end solutions!

EMEA Day 2!

Day 2 of the Inmarsat EMEA Conference began with a Government Session, great to see the new products and Inmarsat’s willingness to work with partners and meet the unique demands of defence users and get the best hardware for the job to operate in the worlds toughest regions.

Start of EMEA!

Ready for the official start of the InmarsatGlobal Inmarsat2018 EMEA event. Looks like a great turn out with a mix of new and established partners here. Looking forward to seeing what innovative new satcom products to share with our customers and where Inmarsat GX is heading

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EMEA Regional Conference

Huge thanks InmarsatGlobal for a #sailing start to their EMEA Regional Conference in AbuDhabi with a chance to crew a pair of ex volvooceanrace vessels under the expert supervision of sailing legend nick moloney Great to meet up with shipmates from iDirect and paradigmcomms too!

Next wave o Satcubes on Intelsat

A scurry of Satcubes – the next wave of Satcubeterminal Terminals on INTELSAT have arrived! As easy to use as a BGAN but capable of up to 20Mbps, these innovative satcom terminals and our Scytale+ Minis are heading out to provide customers with secure global connectivity