Connect100 testing in the sun

Not saying our engineers are high maintenance, but you’d think the Hereford sunshine would be ideal for configuring and testing these paradigmcomms Connect100 satcom terminals on Avanti_plc… turns out now it’s too bright to see the laptop screens! Oh well…

Supply of Swarms out

Proud to supply teams responding to CycloneIdai devastation in Mozambique, with satcom via our lease service. These paradigmcomms Swarm terminals on Avanti_plc were all setup only hours from the customer contacting us, ready to provide critical links to communities in need.

GRC Demo

Great demo with TampaMicrowave Satcube UEGigaSat & paradigmcomms#satcom on Avanti_plc INTELSAT & InmarsatGlobal for secure voice/data inc ArmourComms over SCYTALE. HD video on GetSat satcom on-the-move/bonded 4G & situational awareness from thalesgroup IMBITR & R6 TAK

CabSat in Dubai

A top notch day at CabSat in Dubai. With loads of great content from Newtec_Satcom , INTELSAT, SES_Satellites, yahsatofficial and iDirect it’s always a welcome opportunity to network and catch up with friends and #satcom partners!

Armed Forces Covenant Breakfast

A big thank you to the HW_Chamber in collaboration with the WMRFCA for a super ArmedForcesCovenant breakfast event in Hereford – as proud subscribers to the Covenant for several years now, it’s great to see so much local support!

ThurayaTelecom Partner Conference 2019 day 1

All aboard for the ThurayaTelecom Partner Conference 2019. Thuraya said nothing is random, so it feels apt to be on the QE2 with the focus on maritime satcom. With yahsatofficial involved now too, it’s set to be a great event and looking forward to seeing what’s to come!

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Next wave of Scytale Lite

Next wave of SCYTALE Lite’s ready to go! This “office in a bag” connects to any bearer (satcom local ISP etc), providing phones, Wi-Fi and data ports. Shipping alongside Holkirk QD98’s on Avanti_plc airtime, they’ll deliver fast, reliable connectivity where it’s needed most.