ThurayaTelecom Partner Conference 2019 day 1

All aboard for the ThurayaTelecom Partner Conference 2019. Thuraya said nothing is random, so it feels apt to be on the QE2 with the focus on maritime satcom. With yahsatofficial involved now too, it’s set to be a great event and looking forward to seeing what’s to come!

What a way to start an event! Balance, teamwork and determination in action at the ThurayaTelecom Partner Conference 2019.

With a track record for innovative disruption and development, the ThurayaTelecom Product Update at their Partner Conference in Dubai is going to be good! Great to hear from Rashid, VP for Product Management and can’t wait to learn more about the new land IP hotspot!

Super first day at the ThurayaTelecom Conference in Dubai. With so much of the world still lacking mobile and internet cover, support for satcom is critical and with a new satellite in 2023 boosting their coverage Thuraya’s cost effective connections are even more appealing!