Happy Halloween 2019!

Our engineers were working in Hereford late last night, when their eyes beheld and eerie sight…

Things got a bit hairy, but we still got some testing done with terrifying Tampa Microwave Manpack 95 on Inmarsat, a spooky Satcube on Intelsat and even a glimpse of the future with a ghostly Get SAT on Avanti for a bit of satcom on-the-mooooove? on-the-PAWS? Sorry, I’ll stop now…. Happy Halloween everyone :-)

Halloween 2019 - Tampa Microwave Manpack 95 with Werewolf
Terrifying Tampa Manpack 95 on Inmarsat
Halloween 2019 - Satcube satcom terminal on Intelsat airtime
Spooky Satcube on Intelsat airtime
Halloween 2019 - GetSat Satcom on-the-move Terminal on Avanti
Gruesome GetSat satcom on-the-move on Avanti
Halloween 2019 - GetSat Satcom on-the-move
GetSat Satcom on-the-moooove!