Essential orders are still out

Working from home to BeSafe SupportTheNHS but the last guy in our Hereford office is still getting essential orders out – including 2 of our GRM 950 outdoor modem! Heading to FirstResponders they utilise next-gen iDirect 9-Series routers – ideal for tough environments!

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GRM 950 Modem on Datapath Terminal

Self-isolation satcom, with a remote facetime customer demo of our rugged, outdoor IP67 GRM950 modem featuring the latest iDirect router board on a lightweight and easily transportable datapath terminal on Avanti_plc satellite airtime.

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Streaming at a snails pace? Shelling out for LBand? Ask us about low cost, high speed global KuBand INTELSAT FlexMove on Satcubeterminal, which is similar in size to a BGAN, but up to 20x faster than legacy services and KymetaCorp for on-the-move

Stay Safe!

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day… coronavirus and its repercussions have created difficult and uncertain times, but we will support our customers and thank you to all our suppliers for their continued high levels of service. Stay Safe

Springtime Satcube

Hail, rain & sun all at once? Must be springtime! Designed to travel online in minutes and up to 10Mbps, don’t put up with slow L-Band, unleash the speed of INTELSAT FlexMove on Satcubeterminal vsat for superfast #secure reliable satellite streaming

Satellite hardware and training on CCOMSATELLITE

Proud to provide satellite hardware and training on CCOMSATELLITE to amazing users as part of SatDRR project, alongside Avanti_plc, spacegovuk, AirbusSpace, GroupTorchlight and the KenyaRedCross to improve capacity for disaster prevention, response and recovery in Kenya

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Satcube on Intelsat FlexMove

Getting that feel good FridayFeeling in the Hereford sunshine with a customer demo showing Satcubeterminal on INTELSAT FlexMove. Flexible data on small satellite terminals at amazing prices, it’s easy to see why customers are moving away from legacy mobile LBand solutions!

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GSAT Hub Demo

SGS (Satellite Ground Station) in a car boot at our GSAT Hub demo! Allowing users to dynamically manage bandwidth across 16 return channels, adaptive TDMA supporting simultaneous deployed satcom terminals and next gen security with Defence Line Cards supporting TRANSEC

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Hardware Demo

Great satcom hardware demo on Avanti_plc – Designed to withstand tough environments TampaMicrowave packs small, assembles easily and connects in mins. GetSat offers broadband comms on-the-move data and easy on/off install with our magnetic mount

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