Modular satcom for any season!

Configured and heading out, a Tampa Manpack on Avanti airtime ready to provide cost-effective, high-speed connectivity. Featuring an ST Engineering iDirect 950 modem, they’re not just built tough, but also offer next-level security, ideal for defence, first responders, government and oil and gas users looking for dependable satcom. Find out more about lease or buy options –

Tampa Microwave Manpack 65 with Carry Bag
Tampa Microwave Manpack 65 with Carry Bag
User setting up a Tampa Microwave Manpack 65
Easy to operate, users with minimal training can get online within minutes of setup
Tampa Microwave Manpack 65 featuring iDirect 950 Modem
Featuring an iDirect 950 modem, terminals offer next-level security to deployed users.
Tampa Microwave Manpack 65 Component Parts Breakdown
Tampa Microwave Manpack, fully modular satcom!