Entries by Aaron Pope

Tampa Tuesday!

Tuesday Trio! 65, 95cm and 1.3m Tampa Microwave modular terminals utilising the same Modems Receiver/Transmitters, Power and tool-free change between X, Ka and Ku-Band across the line for resilience and seamless network switching and iDirect 950 modems for security.

GRM final testing on Holkirk

Ending the week with a rugged GRM950 satellite modem completing final testing on Holkirk QD98 on Avanti airtime ready for delivery. IP67 and CE marked our GRM range are built tough and utilising iDirect world class routers, offer next-level security features as standard

Satcube Virtual Demo

Cabin checkable? Hard case? Backpack? Tripod? Charger? Yes! Virtual demo showing Satcube terminal on INTELSAT with various cases we’ve supplied it in to meet customer requirements. First Responders Broadcast Government Oil and Gas there’s a Satcube to suit your needs

Remember those who fought for us

Although lockdown has impacted many Remembrance events, we continue to remember those who have fought and died during conflicts and applaud Hereford for the moving act of adorning the Cathedral in Red, allied to the Poppy, so it shines brightly at night.

2 More Satcubes are off!

Red’y to leaf? Sorry. 2 Satcube terminal heading to a customer! On INTELSAT FlexMove these satcom terminals will be providing Emergency Response with a ready-to-move service, allowing hassle free access to reliable broadband satellite connectivity when and where they need it

Guess the horror film part 4

Guess the Halloween film. Got booked to talk to Doctor Acula, who invited us back to his place to plug in and seemed disappointed we had batteries as he wanted to grab a bite to eat… Thank satcom we had the Satcubeterminal on INTELSAT we got the story and got out of there!

Guess the horror film part 3

Guess the Halloween film. Doing an exercise in the woods and things got a bit hairy, but thank satcom we got the paradigmcomms on InmarsatGlobal satellite setup, called for support and got back in time for the football highlights.

Guess the horror film part 2

Guess the Halloween film. Got a bit lost with no mobile signal. Was going to stop and ask directions but wasn’t sure the locals we’re friendly. Thank satcom I had the KymetaCorp U8 terminal on INTELSAT on the van for connectivity, got directions online and back on the road.

Guess the horror film part 1

Guess the Halloween film. Woke up feeling “sore” and found myself in a puzzling situation! Thank satcom the TampaMicrowave on Inmarsat was handy and with tool free assembly I had it built in minutes, online and booked a locksmith who offered me a cup of tea round at his…


Demo of our new PMBS “power box” on a TampaMicrowave on Avanti_plc – With options for military and commercial battery types our PMBS offers a mobile UPS and charging solution, providing a clean stable powersupply ideal for vehicle satcom on-the-move or satellite terminals