Entries by Aaron Pope

UBC-Lite testing

A “powerful” (sorry 🙂) start to the week testing these Thales UBC-Lite battery chargers prior to delivery. This universal battery charger can charge PRC-148, PRC-152 and BB-2590 batteries and Android and iPhone smart phones without the need for a cable. It also sports, USB ports, Harvest Mode allowing you to use one battery as a power source […]

GRM 950 is ready!!!

Rugged and ready to go! Config and testing complete on another of our GRM950 outdoor satellite modems. IP67 and CE marked, GRM950 are built for challenging conditions and utilise ST Engineering iDirect’s world class routers for next-level security with FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification and support for both one-way and two-way TRANSEC to enable mission-critical communications. […]

National Apprenticeship Week!

It’s National Apprenticeship Week  and an ideal time to say thank you to our DigitalMarketing and Engineering students (seen here being shown the workings of a Get SAT Ltd. terminal), who have performed admirably despite the challenges of learning in the current climate. Well done and keep up the great work!

Satcube operating with Scytale +

Sub-zero satcom. Easy to operate and lightweight, Satcube AB on Intelsat partners perfectly with our SCYTALE+ for high-speed connectivity and increased data security in a rapidly deployable package. Available as a fully managed service, we look after the hardware, airtime, and training for hassle-free voice and data – get in touch to find out more: info@grcltd.net

Testing the Datapath QCT90 on Avanti

Testing customer applications with our SCYTALE+ on a DataPath, Inc. QCT90 on Avanti Communications Group plc. The Datapath includes the latest ST Engineering iDirect router and a click and fold design for rapidly deployable connectivity, which combines with our SCYTALE for increased privacy, anonymity and obfuscation of user data. Find out more info@grcltd.net

GetSat trio!

Unstoppable on-the-move! This trio of Get SAT Ltd. terminals, Milli Sat H, Micro Sat and Nano Sat H, offer reliable broadband connectivity on-the-move, even over challenging terrain. Seen here with our GRM950 outdoor modem, utilising ST Engineering iDirect world class routers, for next-level security features as standard. Find out more: info@grcltd.net

Low Profile BGAN

Keeping a low-profile, these 3 Hughes Low Profile BGAN on Inmarsat are all setup and heading out! IP67 rated and with minimal antenna pointing required, these terminals provide up to 492kbps and with remote control and ultra-low power consumption, are ideal for off-grid installations. Contact us to find out more – info@grcltd.net

Snow doesn’t stop GRC!

No chance of snow stopping play with TAMPA MICROWAVE on Avanti Communications Group plc airtime! Pre-delivery setup complete and ready for shipping, this 65cm terminal fits in a backpack and partners perfectly with our single case SCYTALE+ for enhanced voice and data network security. Contact us to find out more info@grctld.net

GetSat Nano H testing

Config and testing on the ultra-portable Get SAT Ltd. Nano H on Avanti Communications Group plc. Small, light and fast, this Ka-Band terminal (seen here in our mag-mount) can provide cost-effective, high-speed connectivity on-the-move as a walk-on-fit within minutes of powering on. Find out more: info@grcltd.net

Tampa 1.3M&65cm testing

Little and large, with testing and config on a TAMPA MICROWAVE 1.3m and 65cm. Using the same Modems, Receiver/Transmitters, and Power Supplies across the line, makes these terminals truly versatile and allows for cost-effective, tool-free change between X, Ka and Ku-Band. Get in touch to find out more – info@grcltd.net