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Tampa is a go!

Configured, tested, training delivered and ready to go! This TAMPA MICROWAVE 65cm Manpack with ST Engineering iDirect 950 modem on a 2 up 2 down 6SAT rolling monthly package on Avanti Communications Group plc accompanied by our SCYTALE Mini for Wi-Fi is ideal for users looking for a tough terminal and secure VPN access from remote locations.

Satcube Package

Stress-free Satcom, with a Satcube AB on 6SAT! Setup and customer ready on a 6-Month 120GB Data Plan, including training and 24/7 support from our Hereford, UK based NMC (Network Monitoring Centre). An intuitive user GUI makes pointing quick and easy, while built-in Wi-Fi is ideal to get your whole team connected. Find out more 6SAT@grcltd.net

GetSat Nano H alongside GRM950

Unstoppable satcom on-the-move! Solution engineering to suit a customer requirement for walk-on-fit mobility and high-speed data, the perfect application for Get SAT Ltd.’s small, light Nano H on Avanti Communications Group plc alongside our rugged outdoor GRM950 modem, utilising ST Engineering iDirect’s router for next-level security 🔒 and GRC’s magnetic mount for easy installation. Mail 6SAT@grcltd.net to find out more.

Starwin on Intelsat demo

The good weather ☀ arrived just in time for us to demo the Starwin on Intelsat alongside our SCYTALE for VOIP phones and up to 150m of Wi-Fi connectivity. Available with FREE hardware on our 6SAT service covering airtime, training and support all-in-one! Ideal for Oil and Gas, Mining, NGOs DisasterResponse and anyone else looking for a great value satcom package – find out more at […]

Satcube pre-shipping

Pre-shipping checks complete for Satcube on 6SAT, providing users with high-speed global, hassle-free connectivity! Available to lease with flexible gigabyte data packages and 24/7 support, in under 10 minutes, you can set up, point and connect the terminal, making it ideal for government, defence, oil and gas, and emergency response looking for highly transportable voice and data. For more information, contact us at […]

Testing the GSAT Hub!

Here we see the GRC Engineers in their natural habitat… testing customer applications on the GSAT Hub on a DataPath, Inc. CCT200 and back to a TAMPA MICROWAVE Manpack, simulating a deployed user. Offering the flexibility, efficiency, and security of your own SGS (Satellite Ground Station) and incorporating the latest ST Engineering iDirect hardware, GSAT Hub allows users to create their […]

Darkwing on 6SAT!

A new terminal joins the line up! The L3Harris Technologies DarkWing is a rugged, small form factor, flat-panel VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal), providing global high-speed data communications for internet, VPN access and video transmission. Available on our 6SAT satcom as a service offering, Darkwing can be purchased or leased, with full training and support alongside GB (gigabyte) data […]

Mission LINK on 6SAT!

Offering global coverage capability, with up to 700kbps down and 352kbps up, the Thales group MissionLINK on Iridium comm Certus has a magnetic mount for easy installation. Ideal for on-the-move or fixed sites looking for auto-pointing voice, text and web communication and available on our 6SAT service, for hassle-free connectivity! Contact us to find out more info@grcltd.net

May the 4th be with You

Earlier today in a car park not too far away… a mysterious stranger asked if our engineers could baby sit for a bit. The Kid kept switching the pointing GUI off, as apparently it was better to use The Force and I’m not sure who he called on our SCYTALE, but the area code was a galaxy […]

Tampa on 6SAT!

4 more TAMPA MICROWAVE tested and heading out on our new 6SAT offering 📡🎉 Delivering all-in-one SATCOM as a service, with hardware, airtime, training and support for hassle-free connectivity. With tool-free change between X, Ka and Ku-Band and the latest ST Engineering iDirect 950 modems increasing security, they’re deal fordefence, government and first responders looking for a tough connectivity solution. Find out more – 6SAT@grcltd.net