NewTec Event Day 2

Cutting edge, high speed communications, great friends and superb food – a huge thank you to all at Newtec_Satcom for a top GOVDEF satcom event in Brussels. Thank you for taking such good care of us and look forward to seeing you again soon!

NewTec Event day 1

Super turnout at Newtec_Satcom GOVDEF in Brussels! Great talks on satcom evolution and delivering a secure, reliable, quality, service for defense and government, linking seamlessly to SCYTALE Tactical Cloud’s privacy, anonymity and obfuscation features for remote users…

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NewTec Event

Can’t take credit for the fairy lights, but we’re all setup for the Newtec_Satcom GOVDEF event tomorrow! Looking like a great a day of Government and Defence satcom talks. Come and see us if you’re attending to find out about SCYTALE Tactical Cloud, Armour Comms and more!

Iridium Conference Day 2

Big thanks to IridiumComm for a great event, hospitality and chance to catch up with friends! We tried out the thalesgroup MissionLink last year and it still looks good as a flexible quality satcom terminal and radio gateway. Can’t wait to start getting it to our customers!

Iridium Conference

Why do these events always have to be in such horrible locations ;-) Super to be in Salzburg for the IridiumComm Conference! Great to see the successful satellite launches – delivering global cover from the youngest satcom fleet and congrats on hitting 1million subscribers!

SMiGroupDefence Show

Great event at the SMiGroupDefence Global MilSatcom show London. Lots of visitors keen to learn about the innovative Satcube and SCYTALE Tactical Cloud, helping make remote working safer with digital signature protection, next gen encryption, location obfuscation and more!

EMEA Day 2!

Day 2 of the Inmarsat EMEA Conference began with a Government Session, great to see the new products and Inmarsat’s willingness to work with partners and meet the unique demands of defence users and get the best hardware for the job to operate in the worlds toughest regions.

Start of EMEA!

Ready for the official start of the InmarsatGlobal Inmarsat2018 EMEA event. Looks like a great turn out with a mix of new and established partners here. Looking forward to seeing what innovative new satcom products to share with our customers and where Inmarsat GX is heading

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EMEA Regional Conference

Huge thanks InmarsatGlobal for a #sailing start to their EMEA Regional Conference in AbuDhabi with a chance to crew a pair of ex volvooceanrace vessels under the expert supervision of sailing legend nick moloney Great to meet up with shipmates from iDirect and paradigmcomms too!


Huge thanks to Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce and Visit Herefordshire for a superb networking day at the beautiful Oldcastle in Colwall. A fantastic event and a great chance to meet fellow Herefordshire and Worcestershire businesses… where better to discuss cloud security than under skies like these!