Tampa is configured and ready to go!

Comms rain or shine… but mostly rain 🙂🌧 Luckily this tough TAMPA MICROWAVE doesn’t mind the wet weather and with config and testing complete it’s ready to go! Supplied on our fully managed 6SAT satellite service, customers have full training and 24/7 support, so any issues at all, they can just give us a call! Email us to find out more 6SAT@grcltd.net

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Kymeta U8 on a table

Kymeta U8 on 6SAT!

Tested to withstand challenging environments on land and sea, the Kymeta Corporation U8 offers satellite and cellular connectivity on-the-move and in static deployments. Available with global cover and gigabyte data packages, along with full training and 24/7 support on our 6SAT service, this flexible terminal offers reliable voice and data connectivity when you need it most. Email us to find out more 6SAT@grcltd.net

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Line of Tampa 1.3

Tampa 1.3 inbound

Configured and delivery bound! These Tampa Microwave 1.3m with iDirect 950 modems offer modular change between Ka, Ku and X-Band. Available on our fully managed 6SAT service, these satellite terminals include airtime, training and 24/7 support for stress-free connectivity

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Satcube Pointing

Satcube on FlexMove

Satellite skills with 6SAT on Satcube AB! Our fully-managed 6-SAT connectivity service covers training for any skill level. This workshop took users through everything from how Intelsat FlexMove airtime data packs work, to choosing a setup location, pointing the terminal and getting online, ensuring users could establish links within minutes of arriving at their location 🌍📡

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Tampa 1.3 testing complete!

Option files loaded and testing complete 📡 These TAMPA MICROWAVE 1.3m with ST Engineering iDirect 950 modems on our 6SAT Service offer mil-spec communications in a modular package, with interchangeable parts across the line, allowing change between X, Ka and Ku-Band. Find out more https://lnkd.in/ezsdTPZ

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Demo alongside SES, Microsoft and GovSat

A superb first-of-its-kind demonstration! Great to work alongside SES Networks, Microsoft and GovSat, demonstrating how we can provide governments with secure, agile, and high-performance cloud capabilities, delivering services directly to end-users deployed globally while maintaining network sovereignty – drastically boosting the efficiency of critical missions. Learn more: https://lnkd.in/d-RdzRz

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6SAT terminal collection

Hurricane season is upon us again and the 6SAT fleet of world-leading satcom terminals is ready to respond! With satphones, BGAN’s, manpack, auto-acquire, on-the-move, secure data and Wi-Fi – we’ve got you covered 👍 All complete with training, 24/7 support and airtime deals designed around your unique needs. Contact us to find out more 6SAT@grcltd.net

World-leading hardware by: Satcube AB – TAMPA MICROWAVE – Get SAT Ltd. – ST Engineering iDirect – DataPath, Inc. – Paradigm Communication Systems Ltd – Hughes – Starwin – L3 Technologies – Thales – Holkirk Communications Ltd – Ubiquiti Inc. – Avanti Communications Group plc – Intelsat – Inmarsat – Thuraya Telecommunications Company – SES Satellites – GovSat – Iridium

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Airtime package with a free SWARM!

Free SWARM with an airtime package! As part of our new all-inclusive 6SAT satcom as a service product, we’re offering a free SWARM terminal on selected Avanti Communications Group plc airtime packages. You just pay for the airtime, and the terminal and training are included for free. SWARM is a lightweight, rugged and ultra-portable terminal, operational in under 5 minutes, that can be packed into a single case. An ideal terminal for Government, Defence, first responders, NGOs and OilandGas users. For more information, contact us on 6SAT@grcltd.net

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Tampa is a go!

Configured, tested, training delivered and ready to go! This TAMPA MICROWAVE 65cm Manpack with ST Engineering iDirect 950 modem on a 2 up 2 down 6SAT rolling monthly package on Avanti Communications Group plc accompanied by our SCYTALE Mini for Wi-Fi is ideal for users looking for a tough terminal and secure VPN access from remote locations.

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Satcube Package

Stress-free Satcom, with a Satcube AB on 6SAT! Setup and customer ready on a 6-Month 120GB Data Plan, including training and 24/7 support from our Hereford, UK based NMC (Network Monitoring Centre). An intuitive user GUI makes pointing quick and easy, while built-in Wi-Fi is ideal to get your whole team connected. Find out more 6SAT@grcltd.net

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