Take a look at the TampaMicrowave!

Taking a look at the TampaMicrowave thalesgroup Manpack SatCom Terminal today at GRC Fantastic hardware for lightweight communication!

Testing Finished!

Just finished testing the 95cm Manpack SatCom Terminal from TampaMicrowave thalesgroup. Ultra-portable and extremely high #bandwidth!

Testing on Avanti!

Testing Avanti_plc satcom performance on a Swarm45 VSAT at GRC in Hereford UK achieving a massive 18Mb down – 10Mb up!

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Testing Inmarsat GlobalXpress!

Testing Inmarsat GlobalXpress satcom performance on a Swarm45 at GRC achieving 2.8Mb down – 2.4Mb up!

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SCYTALE Lite order ready

SCYTALE Lite order ready for an overseas customer! A single backpack solution providing VOIP and Wi-Fi over

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Best of both – Thuraya Launch launch dual-sim satphone

Thuraya has launched a dual-mode, dual-Sim phone. The Thuraya XT-Pro dual bridges the gap between satellite and terrestrial communications, allowing users to move seamlessly across terrestrial and satellite mobile coverage.

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Need to stay connected in the most remote regions in the world? Thuraya Satsleeve+ has you covered!

Whatever your reason for travelling, communication is critical. So what happens when you pull out your trusty mobile phone and see the dreaded no signal? This is where satellite phones (sat phones) deliver the answer. Unlike traditional mobile phones, which rely on a signal using local infrastructure, satellite phones receive their signal direct from satellites, allowing them to operate globally  and in the most remote regions in the world. Using a satellite phone can also allow you to take advantage of more affordable call options too, often offering better value than traditional mobile operators in many countries.

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GRC’s Arion solution is now certified to provide commercial TacSat solution to key customer segments

Thuraya Telecommunications and leading communication solutions provider Global Radio Data Communications Ltd (GRC) today jointly announced the successful certification of GRC’s Arion solution. End-users can now experience limitless Beyond Line of Sight broadcast range for their tactical multi-band, encrypted radios, over both Thuraya’s broadband and alternative GSM & Internet service provider networks.

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Inmarsat launches Global Xpress – the first global KA-Band high speed satellite broadband network

Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) will soon be the first globally available Ka-Band satellite network. Delivering seamless high speed broadband connectivity on land, sea and in the air over their new I5 constellation of satellites.

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GRC and Avanti announce compatibility approval for Sandfly Ka-Band satellite terminal

Following rigorous type approval testing, GRC’s new four piece carbon fibre manual fly away satellite system has been endorsed for use on Avanti Communications fleet of Ka-band satellites.

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