Hardware, Airtime and Support for one simple monthly fee.

Negating the need for large up-front capital investments, FlexPack gives you access to world-leading satellite terminals, with easy to understand cost-effective gigabyte (GB) data packs, supplying occasional users with high-throughput connectivity.

With flexible lease plans from 3-Months, you can access high-speed broadband for streaming video, voice and data without the traditional high costs, or low bandwidth.

For a custom FLEXPACK price to suit your requirements, please email us info@grcltd.net or call us on +44(1432)373800


L-BAND simplicity, but up to 20 times faster and a fraction of the cost!

  • Latest SATCUBE or KYMETA terminal
  • Up to 20 x faster than legacy solutions at a much lower cost
  • Flexible gigabyte (GB) plans
  • Option to top-up if allowance is exceeded
  • UK Helpdesk Support
  • Training included
  • Comms-on-The-Pause up to 10 – 3 Mbps MIR (max information rate)
  • Comms-on-The-Move up to 5 – 2 Mbps MIR (max information rate)


  • Emergency Response
  • Advanced Deployment Teams
  • Contingency Operations
  • Oil, Gas and Mining
  • Disaster Response
  • Media and Broadcast
  • Lone Workers