G-BEC 12v - 24v

intelligent mobile UPS

G-BEC 12v – 24v

Initially designed by GRC for use by UK MOD, the G-BEC is an intelligent power supply system, which uses two UBI-2590 rechargeable batteries and ensures your vehicle will always have sufficient battery voltage to power the ignition.


  • Available in 12v or 24v models
  • Protects vehicles own battery
  • Auto-sensing input voltage cut-off
  • Weighs less than 2kg without batteries
  • Works with any compatible rechargeable 2590 batteries
  • Ruggedised unit
  • Battery and input charge status LED’s
  • Provides two power outlets


  • Defence
  • Government
  • Oil, Gas and Mining
  • Commercial


G-BEC provides auxiliary power to vehicle-fitted communication systems via two power outlets, while also protecting the vehicles own power supply.

When the vehicles engine is running, the G-BEC supplies power to the in-vehicle communication equipment, while being trickle charged from the vehicle battery.

When ignition is cut the G-BEC unit will continue to draw charge from the vehicle battery until a predetermined voltage level is reached, at which point the G-BEC maintains power to the communications equipment from it’s dual UBI-2590 rechargeable batteries. This ensures sufficient charge remains in the vehicles own battery for the engine to start.

The G-BEC battery status along with a charge indication is available via an LED display.


Output12V Model: Max 15v DC 20A (25A surge)
24V Model: Max 30v DC10A (12A surge)
Input Supply Range 9v to 36v DC
(Charge) cut-off 12.5v +/- 0.2
(charge) Restart 13.0v +/- 0.2
Charge LEDRed = No supply / charge supply Indicator LED auto cut off
Green = Drawing charge
Battery Status LED Green = Good Amber = OK
Red = Low Flashing Red = Empty / Unserviceable
Power Connector Customer defined
Weight 1.7kg without batteries
4.5kg with batteries
Maximum External Dimensions(L) 292 x (W) 170 x (H) 77mm
Back Panel Surface Dimensions(L) 292 x (W) 56mm
Mounting Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
Temperature Range -20°C to +60°C