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Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) is the world’s first and only globally available, high-speed broadband network, owned and managed by a single operator.

Since 2015, GX has been serving organisations and governments around the world, and today it is the gold standard for global, mobile broadband connectivity.

Operating in the resilient Ka-band, Global Xpress also integrates seamlessly with Inmarsat’s L-band network, to deliver powerful and reliable connectivity anytime, anywhere.

For airlines, GX offers the opportunity to transform their passengers’ in-flight connectivity. For shipping companies and operators, guaranteed global bandwidth gives them access to smart digital technologies, even in high traffic areas.

Multiple humanitarian agencies can access critical, real-time situational information for disaster relief, while broadcasters can follow a story as it unfolds, anywhere in the world. Governments can rely on secure, end-to-end wideband connectivity, interoperable with military satcom networks, for seamless airborne, naval and land operations worldwide.