FlexMove offers a range of cost-effective, customisable data packages sold by the GB (gigabyte), supplying occasional users with high-throughput, easy-to-deploy connectivity.

FlexMove allows you to buy a Data Package, which you can use anytime within a 12-month period and top-up if needed. Unlike traditional bandwidth contracts, data isn’t lost if it’s not used within a set month, allowing you to keep terminals on standby until they’re needed, without paying for airtime you’re not using.

To find out if FlexMove could save you money on airtime costs, please email us or call us on +44(1432)373800


BGAN simplicity, but up to 20 times faster and a fraction of the cost!

  • Use your data anytime within 12 months – no more “use it, or lose it” monthly bandwidth contracts
  • Up to 20 x faster than legacy solutions at a much lower cost
  • Flexible GB (gigabyte) plans with option to top-up if allowance is exceeded
  • Pool airtime across multiple terminals
  • Accredited FlexMove terminals ensure consistent service
  • 24/7 Support available


  • Emergency Response
  • Advanced Deployment Teams
  • Contingency Operations
  • Oil and Gas
  • Disaster Response
  • Media and Broadcast
  • Lone Workers


A disaster response team required to operate globally with under 24 hours’ notice, were on a monthly airtime package for satellite terminals that only saw occasional use. By migrating to FlexMove, they now have a GB (gigabyte) package for the year, using as much, or as little of their data as incidents required.

FlexMove is a win-win for high readiness, notice to move services. Having a flexible data package, we can use and top-up when needed, instead of paying monthly for bandwidth, whether it’s used or not, has allowed us to make big savings on our satcom budget. These savings paid for new terminals and now we’re getting double the bandwidth on Flex! – Government Customer


Users on standby, required to deploy to diverse locations and scenarios, were using a mixture of BGAN’s and traditional satellite terminals on monthly contracts to cover varying requirements. With FlexMove they’ve migrated to new terminals and pooled their data package, reducing costs and simplifying usage.

FlexMove is the service we’ve been waiting for! In the past the choice was either stay flexible with low speed, high cost BGAN solutions, or go for cheaper airtime with a fixed monthly “use-it-or-lose-it” bandwidth contract. With Flex we can buy 100GB of data and use it when we need it, allowing us to deploy satcom terminals, capable of 10 Mbps download, anywhere in the world, with zero notice. – Defence User