low-profile satcom on-the-move


A lightweight and slim, high-throughput 70cm flat panel satcom on-the-move system, which makes connecting nearly any vehicle, vessel, or fixed platform easy and provides reliable communication even at high speeds.


  • Ku Band Terminal
  • Fast tracking, on-the-move connectivity supports mobile broadband
  • Simple power-on startup and auto-acquisition for easy operation
  •  Flat-panel for low-profile installation options
  • Electronic steering for low maintenance and simple connectivity
  • Reliable communications even at high speeds and on rough seas, or terrain
  • Low power consumption and requirements


  • Defence
  • Government
  • Emergency Response
  • Oil, Gas and Mining


Wherever you need connectivity – in the middle of the ocean, at the remotest mining site, tracking freight on a train crossing multiple borders, or during a natural disaster when mobile response communication hubs are required – the Kymeta KyWay u7 makes it easy.

With flexibility for a variety of uses, Kymeta KyWay u7 Ku-band satellite terminals address the need for lightweight, high-throughput, on-the-move communication systems.

Their unobtrusive, low-profile design makes them ideal for discreet applications. A simple installation and removal process ensures they’re adaptable enough for short-notice, rapid-deployment, or permanent fixture.


Antenna typeElectronically scanned array
PolarisationVertical and horizontal software defined
RX frequency range11.4 – 12.4 GHz
RX gain33.0 dB
RX G/T9.5 dB/K
RX scan roll-off as measured @ 60°Cos 1.1-1.2
RX instantaneous bandwidthgreater than 100 MHz
TX frequency range14.0 – 14.5 GHz
TX gain32.5 dB
TX instantaneous bandwidthgreater than 100 MHz
TX scan roll-off as measured @ 60°Cos 1.2-1.4
Tracking rategreater than 20°/second
Scan anglesTheta up to 75° off broadside and Phi 360°
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Accuracyless than 0.2°
Mobile tracking accuracyFCC compliant for 25.222 and 25.226
Tracking receiver typeIntegrated DVB-S2
Outdoor unit dimensionsL 82.3 x W 82.3 x D 16.5 cm
Outdoor unit weight21.1 kg
Outdoor unit mounting interface4 x M8 x 1.25 mount standoffs 0.95 cm deep
Maximum indoor unit dimensionsW 44.5 x D 31.75 x H 9.06 cm
Indoor unit weight6.35 kg | 14.0 lb.
Outdoor unit operational temperature-25°C to +55°C
Outdoor unit storage temperature-40°C to +75°C
Outdoor unit ingress protectionIP 66
Outdoor unit shockIEC 60068-2-27
Outdoor unit vibrationMIL-STD-167-1A, MIL-STD 810G, IEC 60068-2-64, IEC 60068-2-57
Indoor unit operational temperature-0°C to +50°C
Indoor unit storage temperature-40°C to +75°C
Indoor unit ingress protectionIP20
Indoor unit shockIEC 60068-2-27
Indoor unit vibrationMIL-STD-810G
Indoor unit BTU/hr 8 W BUCTypical 1025 | Peak 1700
Indoor unit BTU/hr 16 W BUCTypical 1375 | Peak 2050
Input power110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
8 W BUCTypical 300 W | Peak 500 W
16 W BUCTypical 400 W | Peak 600 W
Network interfaceRJ45 10/100/1000
RF cablesN-type connectors