portable mobile power solution

PMBS – Power Box

This fully programmable DC/DC system provides a walk-on-fit, versatile power system ideal for vehicle mounted solutions. Configurable to operate with military and commercial battery types, PMBS offers auto power switching between vehicle and battery supplies and intelligent monitoring to protect inputs.


  • Walk-on-fit power solution
  • Options for military and commercial battery types
  • Intelligent monitoring protects vehicle power to avoid flat batteries and alternator damage
  • Programmable power output
  • Output voltage 10-30 Vdc
  • Output current ( 12V) 50 A
  • Output current ( 24V) 25 A
  • LED status indicators
  • USB port for configuration and monitoring


  • Defence
  • Government
  • Oil, Gas and Mining
  • Commercial


The PMBS from GRC offers a specially developed, walk-on-fit, DC/DC system for fully-controlled power output, UPS and battery charging functionality.
Alternators commonly found in Euro 5 (2009-2013) and Euro 6 (2014-Present) engines, often supply voltage which is too low to support additional equipment, without causing overheating and damage.

The PMBS utilises military, or commercial batteries and vehicle power to offer a clean, stable power output, while protecting vehicle systems.
Intelligent monitoring detects the vehicle engine status, charging the PMBS batteries when the engine is running, switching to battery power when the engine stops, or it detects overheating.

This features also cuts off the power draw on the vehicle battery at a safe threshold, ensuring enough remains to start the engine.

The PMBS is fully user programmable via a simple and easy PC application, with fully adjustable output voltage, independent of the input voltage.

This control also ensures that the current will never exceed the set value.


Part Number 15098-GP
Size (Length x Width x Depth)15.24 x 8.89 x 5.84 cm
Weight10.55 kg (23.4 lb)
CertificationCE Marked
Power Specifications
Input voltage range 10-30V
Configurable Under voltage threshold
Output voltage range 10-30V
Maximum charge current 12V : 50A 24V : 25A
Operating temperature range -25 +60°C
Ambient temperature Max current: up to 60°C