multi-bearer connectivity


Scytale Link provides multi-bearer connectivity, routing and power in a single box. Connecting via the global Iridium Certus satellite network or to local LTE, it features dual rechargeable batteries and offers Wi-Fi and secure VPN routing, while remaining fully operational even with the lid closed, making it ideal for use in challenging environments


  • Multi-bearer connectivity via global Certus 200 satellite network and local Cellular/LTE
  • Options for secure VPN routing
  • Auto-pointing, omni-directional antennas, minimising user setup time and training
  • Up to 8 hours connectivity from integrated hot-swap batteries
  • Interchangeable SIM card, for cost effective access to local mobile networks
  • Auto failover between LTE and SATCOM for resilient connectivity


  • Defence
  • Welfare Services
  • Government
  • Emergency Response
  • Remote Workers
  • Oil, Gas and Mining


Part Number16164-GP
Satellite AntennaData Rates IP data sessions up to 176kbps (down) 176 kbps (up)
Size 12.5 cm diameter x 14 cm high
Weight 0.7 kg
Operating Temp -40 to +55° C
IP67 Rated
LTE / CellularRouting / Switching Protocols
IPv4/IPv6, Static Routing, RIP/RIPNg, NAT, OSPFv3, BGP-4, IPv6 Encapsulations (GRE, 6in4), VRRP, Port Routing, STP, MSTP, PPPoE V6, LLDP

IP Applications
DDNS, DNS Proxy / Spoofing, relay, client, Opt. 82,
NTP & SNTP (versions 1, 2, 3, 4) with support from GPS, GNSS & Network Carrier timing
DHCP / DHCPv6 server & BOOTP for automated network-based setup

VLAN, IPSec, OpenVPN, VPN Failover

Firewall & Security
Built in Zone-Based Policy Firewall
Access Control Lists (list & ranges & time)
Filter based on MAC Address, IP, Port, Protocol, User
Layer 2 MAC address filtering
Certificate Support (X.509)
Port Forwarding
BGP Communities

Security Features
Security via remote authentication
Trusted host filtering (IP filtering)
Idle LTE port timers
Ability to disable services
Ability to individually disable network services
Ability to disable Ping responses
Ability to setup Access Lists (ACL’s) to restrict traffic
Ability to restrict incoming and outgoing packets
SSH client/server connections (SSH 1 and SSH 2)
SSL/TLS client/server data encryption
Ability to setup Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
Wireless cellular security using PAP or CHAP authentication
SSH connections
SSL/TLS connections
FIPS 140-2

CaseDimensions: 485 x 392 x 192 mm
Weight: 13.05 kg
IP65 Rated
PowerBattery Power 2 x 196Wh / 13.6Ah / 14.4 V LI-ION
Mains Power AC 110-240 VAC 50-60hz
External ConnectorsRJ45 Network Connector, Satellite Antenna Connector
Power Input (10-32V) MIL-STD-1275D