Modular Bulk Battery Charger

mil-spec battery charger

Modular Bulk Battery Charger

The Modular Bulk Charger can charge 34 batteries simultaneously, which equates to 32 PRC-148 or PRC-152 batteries, and two BB-2590 batteries. The bulk charger also uses a modular adapter design and can be easily reconfigured to charge other battery types.


  • Modular charging system, allows for charging up to 40 batteries
  • Fully operable in tactical environments
  • 8 USB Ports (2.0A max on each port)
  • Operates from both AC and DC power
  • 5 LED State of Charge indicator, all charging bays
  • User configurable to charge other battery types
  • AC Power Strip Outlet provides up to 500 Watts


  • Defence
  • Government


The Modular Bulk Charger (MBC) is a bulk charger solution for charging multiple batteries, including AN/PRC-148B, AN/PRC-152, AN/PRC-154, BB-2590 and others!

The MBC reduces the logistic footprint and costs for charging large numbers of batteries. Designed to use a modular charging cup concept, it allows charging combinations of multiple batteries.

The charger’s architecture is based on the tried and tested Modular Universal Battery Charger (MUBC) with the same familiar and simple user interface, in addition to the same advanced features; including State of Health, State of Charge, and dynamic power distribution for every installed battery.

The MBC operates from both AC and DC with cables provided with each system. It provides 8 USB ports for charging smart phones, tablets, etc.

Three charging cup variations are currently available: AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-152, AN/PRC-154, with new charging cup variants available based on specific customer needs.


Thales Modular Bulk ChargerGRC-GP-15074


Simultaneous Charging40 batteries and 8 USB devices
ModularityUser configurable cups allow custom configurations (no tools required)
Maximum Charge Power (per bay) 40 W
AC Input100-265 VAC
DC Input 22-28V
15A AC Breaker
20A DC Breaker
AC Power Strip Outlet provides up to 500 Watts
30 Watts maximum charging power for AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-152 and AN/PRC-154
40 Watts total USB power for 8 ports, 10 Watts per pair or up to 2.0 Amps per pair
Weight (approx.)24.95 kg (55 lbs)
Height x Length x Width30.48 x 63.5 x 50.8 x cm