universal battery charger


This lightweight, rugged portable, universal battery charger can charge PRC-148, PRC-152 and BB-2590 batteries and Android and iPhone smart phones, without the need for a cable. It also features a Harvest Mode allowing you to use one battery as a power source to charge others and a 97% efficient integrated solar mode.


  • No cable required to charge:
    BB-2590 Batteries
    Conformal Battery
  • Inductive charging plate for compatible Android / iPhone
  • Built-in Solar Mode
  • 2 x USB Ports
  • Harvest Mode to transfer power between batteries


  • Defence
  • Government


The Universal Battery Charger Lite (UBC-Lite) provides a charging platform for a wide range of military batteries – providing two cable-free charging port for each of the following batteries; BB-2590, AN/PRC-148 or AN/PRC-152, CWB and USB devices while providing two input DC ports.

UBC-Lite allows harvesting from a BB-2590, a CWB or either of its two input DC ports. It has been designed as a backpack portable charger for all military charging needs and the base unit weighs less than 1.5 pounds, but is packed with features like wireless charging, built-in battery and power analyser, and digital display.

Its main SAE connector allows direct interface with fielded solar panels without the need for additional cables. The UBC-Lite’s auxillary DC port connects to standard Dell’s power adapters. It can be configured as a solar generator by using its optional solar panel and a BB-2590 or CWB as its battery. In solar generator mode, it charges batteries using solar power, or power harvested from its battery.

The UBC-Lite combines the functions and capabilities of multiple battery chargers into one small, scalable package. It provides battery charging
technology to the warfighter through a highly rugged, field-deployable, multi-battery solution for austere mission environments. The UBC-Lite
has a built-in battery test/analyser function that allows the user to display the “Health” of the batteries, and “Charge Power” instantly.


UBC-LITE Battery ChargerGRC-GP-15056


Simultaneous Charging3 Batteries and 2 USB Devices
User Selectable (On/Off) Wireless and Harvesting Functions
Maximum Charge Power145 W
Total Input Power160 W Typical
Input DC Voltage Range12 – 55 VDC
Input DC RobustnessMIL-STD-1275D
Range 90 – 265 VAC
Electrostatic DischargeIEC-61000-4-2
Smart Charging Protocols Smart Battery Bus (SMBus), DQ
Power Harvesting from Solar, BB-2590, CWB, Vehicle Power
Mixed Display Technology:Multi-color LEDs and a four-character display
Typical Charge Time AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-152, CWB or BB-2590 in 2.5 hours
Height x Length x Width5.84 x 15.24 x 8.89 cm (2.3 x 6.0 x 3.5 inches)
Weight (approx.)635 g (1.4 lb)