VIS 200

on-the-move – on-the-man – at the halt

VIS 200

VIS 200 offers users a highly customisable, low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) connectivity solution. With a versatile range of mount options and a simple, adaptable and robust design, VIS 200 can supply discrete, global, low data rate,  images and video streaming on-the-move.


  • On-the-move, on-the-man and at-the-halt
  • Certus 200 Service (176 kpbs Up/Down)
  • IP67 rated antenna for Water, Vibration, and Shock Resistance
  • 100% Global Satellite Coverage and Low Latency for Critical Data and Voice Communications
  • Satellite to Land Mobile Radio Extendable Network Through a Unique Radio Gateway
  • Easily Integrates Terrestrial Cellular with Built-in Preferred Routing Switch


  • Defence
  • Government
  • Oil, Gas and Mining
  • Emergency Response
  • Media / Broadcast