Testing the Datapath QCT90 on Avanti

Testing customer applications with our SCYTALE+ on a DataPath, Inc. QCT90 on Avanti Communications Group plc. The Datapath includes the latest ST Engineering iDirect router and a click and fold design for rapidly deployable connectivity, which combines with our SCYTALE for increased privacy, anonymity and obfuscation of user data. Find out more

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Modular satcom for any season!

Configured and heading out, a Tampa Manpack on Avanti airtime ready to provide cost-effective, high-speed connectivity. Featuring an ST Engineering iDirect 950 modem, they’re not just built tough, but also offer next-level security, ideal for defence, first responders, government and oil and gas users looking for dependable satcom. Find out more about lease or buy options –

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Demo of our new PMBS “power box” on a TampaMicrowave on Avanti_plc – With options for military and commercial battery types our PMBS offers a mobile UPS and charging solution, providing a clean stable powersupply ideal for vehicle satcom on-the-move or satellite terminals

Tampa Demo

A TampaMicrowave on Avanti_plc airtime demo in the autumn sun. Showing customers how versatile the Tampa is, with interchangeable modems, receiver/transmitter and PSU’s across allowing tool-free change between X, Ka and Ku-Band to suit your connectivity requirements.

GRC MagMount

Ready for adventure in their new tan colour and complimented by the GRC MagMount, the five have been out for testing! Thanks to GetSat for the quick delivery and Avanti_plc for the 2 Mbps up & down satellite airtime with training and 24/7 support from our team

Tampa Testing Tuesday!

Tampa Testing Tuesday – configuration complete and ready to go, these TampaMicrowave VSAT on Avanti_plc satellite airtime are built tough, providing reliable, high-speed connectivity within minutes of powering on! Contact us to find out more –

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Swarms Back in!

Back in, serviced, good to go again! This fleet of paradigmcomms Swarm Satcom terminals on Avanti_plc are available for lease or sale with prices including training, airtime and support. Rugged and light they’re ideal for Government, Defence, FirstResponders and OilandGas

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Tampa Testing

A bit of TampaMicrowave on Avanti_plc testing – we have a few USED terminals available at a great price! This mil-spec VSAT satellite terminal, packs into a single bag, ideal for Defence, First Responders and even Oil and Gas Please contact us to find out more

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Virtual Demo

Virtual satcom demo for a customer to finish the week, this time showing the datapath VSAT with a GRM700 ruggedised X7 modem utilising iDirect router boards on Avanti_plc satellite airtime and secure WiFi from our Scytale. Arrange a demo or find out more

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May the 4th be with you

These ARE the Satcubes you’re looking for! Happy StarWars Day! Luke’s uncle leased these Satcubeterminal on our new FlexPack service for just $0.26 a MB – utilising INTELSAT global network they’re great for connectivity in remote moisture farms!

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