Testing the Datapath QCT90 on Avanti

Testing customer applications with our SCYTALE+ on a DataPath, Inc. QCT90 on Avanti Communications Group plc. The Datapath includes the latest ST Engineering iDirect router and a click and fold design for rapidly deployable connectivity, which combines with our SCYTALE for increased privacy, anonymity and obfuscation of user data. Find out more

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Elf Phone Home

Hmmm… we got in to work this morning to find our resident elf had been up to something overnight! We’re not 100% sure what, but utilising DataPath, Inc.’s tool-free click and fold design and integrated pointing GUI, he got a terminal setup and hooked up a Scytale for a secure call to the North Pole…

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Scorchio Satcom!

Scorchio satcom! Super sunny end to a busy week, setting up a datapath VSAT on our GRM950 outdoor satellite modem, featuring next-level security features from iDirect and secure WiFi from our Scytale backpack.

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Virtual Demo

Virtual satcom demo for a customer to finish the week, this time showing the datapath VSAT with a GRM700 ruggedised X7 modem utilising iDirect router boards on Avanti_plc satellite airtime and secure WiFi from our Scytale. Arrange a demo or find out more

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IP67 GRM 950 moodem

Where’s the sun gone?!? Connectivity and application testing of our rugged, outdoor IP67 GRM950 satellite modem featuring the latest iDirect router mounted on a lightweight, ultra-portable datapath satcom terminal for quick-deploy in remote locations… wet or dry!

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Inmarsat GX demo

GRC joined InmarsatGlobal for a great Inmarsat GX airtime capability demo in the Somerset wilds, with secure voice / data on our SCYTALE, alongside DigitalBarriers sensors and cameras, running on paradigmcomms, datapath and GetSat satcom terminals – perfect partners!

Datapath QCT90 Trials

Trials completed at GRC of the datapath QCT90 on InmarsatGlobal GX – weighing only 31kgs this portable satcom terminal easily hit 8Mbps!