Starwin on Intelsat demo

The good weather ☀ arrived just in time for us to demo the Starwin on Intelsat alongside our SCYTALE for VOIP phones and up to 150m of Wi-Fi connectivity. Available with FREE hardware on our 6SAT service covering airtime, training and support all-in-one! Ideal for Oil and Gas, Mining, NGOs DisasterResponse and anyone else looking for a great value satcom package – find out more at

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Virtual Satube demo to broadcast users

Big thank you to our virtual attendees! Demonstrating Satcube on Intelsat FlexMove to broadcast, news and data gathering users. From backpack to online in under 5 minutes, users saw full HD video links and high-speed file transfer, which combined with always on bandwidth, is ideal for broadcasters looking for Store and Forward file transfer or live applications.

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Satcube Virtual Demo

Cabin checkable? Hard case? Backpack? Tripod? Charger? Yes! Virtual demo showing Satcube terminal on INTELSAT with various cases we’ve supplied it in to meet customer requirements. First Responders Broadcast Government Oil and Gas there’s a Satcube to suit your needs

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Customer Demo!

Flat panel #innovation on INTELSAT FlexMove with a customer demo of Satcubeterminal, KymetaCorp, Starwin and paradigmcomms VSAT and on-the-move satellite terminals available on Intelsat global network for broadband data starting from $0.12 a MB!

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UltraBlade Demo

Great demo of GetSAT low-profile UltraBlade on InmarsatGlobal – With unbeatable size, weight and power, this on-the-move terminal mounts in seconds, offering high-speed satellite connectivity and being on Inmarsat it’s available almost anywhere on the planet!

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GSAT Hub Demo

SGS (Satellite Ground Station) in a car boot at our GSAT Hub demo! Allowing users to dynamically manage bandwidth across 16 return channels, adaptive TDMA supporting simultaneous deployed satcom terminals and next gen security with Defence Line Cards supporting TRANSEC

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Hardware Demo

Great satcom hardware demo on Avanti_plc – Designed to withstand tough environments TampaMicrowave packs small, assembles easily and connects in mins. GetSat offers broadband comms on-the-move data and easy on/off install with our magnetic mount

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Satellite Capability Demo

More like a photo shoot for autumn/winter must-have satcom essentials than a demo, with the latest in manpack milspec from Tampa Microwave, a lightweight, airline checkable number from Satcube on Intelsat and a stunning satcom on-the-move offering from Get SAT on Avanti airtime – it certainly shows how well they all stand up to wet weather!

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Satcom Demo

Sons of Satcom. GRC’s bikers providing a backdrop to today’s customer demo in Hereford, where we’ll be showing SCYTALE Lite alongside Satcube on INTELSAT – providing remote workers with a rapidly deployable high speed #satellite#internet, wifi, voip phones office in a bag!

GRC Demo

Great demo with TampaMicrowave Satcube UEGigaSat & paradigmcomms#satcom on Avanti_plc INTELSAT & InmarsatGlobal for secure voice/data inc ArmourComms over SCYTALE. HD video on GetSat satcom on-the-move/bonded 4G & situational awareness from thalesgroup IMBITR & R6 TAK