Satcube on Intelsat ready for FlexPack

A Satcube terminal on INTELSAT configured and ready to go as part of our FlexPack solution. That’s the terminal, satellite airtime and #support for just $0.26 a MB! Ideal for occasional use or First Responders no need to pre-arrange deployment just off-the-shelf point and play

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Satcube on FlexPack

Want to pay as little as $0.26 a MB for a Satcube on INTELSAT global network? Ask us about our flexible lease, low-cost, fast (up to 10Mbps) satellite broadband solution that fit’s in a cabin bag and find out if we could save you money

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Affordable high-speed global connectivity on world-leading terminals? FlexPack offers simple Satcubeterminal and KymetaCorp satellite hardware on flexible lease plans with data from $0.17 a MB via INTELSAT’s innovative FlexMove – Can we save you $?