Testing the Datapath QCT90 on Avanti

Testing customer applications with our SCYTALE+ on a DataPath, Inc. QCT90 on Avanti Communications Group plc. The Datapath includes the latest ST Engineering iDirect router and a click and fold design for rapidly deployable connectivity, which combines with our SCYTALE for increased privacy, anonymity and obfuscation of user data. Find out more

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TampaMicrowave on 950 modem

Checked and ready to go! I’d like to say we had good weather to test these X-Band TampaMicrowave on iDirect 950 modems, but MilSpec tough, these satellite terminals have tool free change between X, Ka, Ku-Band and interchangeable petals, modem and transceivers

GRM Modem

Super to see 4KSolutionsLLC use our GRM modem in their tactical Vehicle Network Kit – VNK offering a rugged shock mount solution for cradlepoint 4G/LTE SilvusTech MANET/MESH radio and our GRM with nextgen iDirect features for satellite connectivity Learn more

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Scorchio Satcom!

Scorchio satcom! Super sunny end to a busy week, setting up a datapath VSAT on our GRM950 outdoor satellite modem, featuring next-level security features from iDirect and secure WiFi from our Scytale backpack.

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The sons of satcom

This week on Sons of Satcom – deployable SGS Satellite Ground Station! GSAT Hub includes latest iDirect hardware for lower latency and the ability to manage deployed satcom bandwidth on the fly! Can’t quite fit on an indianmotocycle but it’s close

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IP67 GRM 950 moodem

Where’s the sun gone?!? Connectivity and application testing of our rugged, outdoor IP67 GRM950 satellite modem featuring the latest iDirect router mounted on a lightweight, ultra-portable datapath satcom terminal for quick-deploy in remote locations… wet or dry!

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EMEA Regional Conference

Huge thanks InmarsatGlobal for a #sailing start to their EMEA Regional Conference in AbuDhabi with a chance to crew a pair of ex volvooceanrace vessels under the expert supervision of sailing legend nick moloney Great to meet up with shipmates from iDirect and paradigmcomms too!

Connect100 with new iDirect 950 modem

Hands on project management in the autumn sun from Gaz! Thanks to paradigmcomms for the next wave of Connect100 Satellite Terminals on Avanti_plc with the powerful new iDirect 950 modem, paired with our Scytale+ and going out to provide secure voice and data for customers.

iDirect Modem on Tampa

World’s first on iDirect 950mp Modem on the Tampa Terminal for beam switching! Normally limited to config on a single beam, GRC’s engineers worked with TampaMicrowave to create an option file that will allow multi-satellite, multi-beam access on a Ka band commercial network.


We don’t just provide hardware, airtime and remote support… our engineers, who are always ready for deployments, have been completing repairs and training with users operating in Lebanon, maintaining critical communications with VT iDirect satcom kit operating on Avanti Communications  airtime in one of the region’s most challenging environments.