Best Satphone of 2021

Looking for a satphone, but unsure which model to choose?  Whether you’re looking to stay connected while exploring the outdoors or working in remote locations, we’re going to take a quick look at some of the world’s leading handsets.

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cable being connected to the low profile BGAN. low profile bgan is under dirt

Low Profile BGAN on Inmarsat

Quick and dirty… customer demo and application testing on the Hughes Low Profile BGAN on Inmarsat – IP67 rated and with minimal antenna pointing required, these terminals provide up to 492kbps and with remote control and ultra-low power consumption, are ideal for off-grid installations. Contact us to find out more –

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Guess the horror film part 3

Guess the Halloween film. Doing an exercise in the woods and things got a bit hairy, but thank satcom we got the paradigmcomms on InmarsatGlobal satellite setup, called for support and got back in time for the football highlights.

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Guess the horror film part 1

Guess the Halloween film. Woke up feeling “sore” and found myself in a puzzling situation! Thank satcom the TampaMicrowave on Inmarsat was handy and with tool free assembly I had it built in minutes, online and booked a locksmith who offered me a cup of tea round at his…

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UltraBlade Live Demo!

Another great live demo of the innovative GetSat Ultrablade on InmarsatGlobal satellite airtime! This LBand Electronically Steerable Array Antenna installs in under 5 minutes and offers low-profile satcom on-the-move connectivity even at speed and over challenging terrain

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UltraBlade Demo

Great demo of GetSAT low-profile UltraBlade on InmarsatGlobal – With unbeatable size, weight and power, this on-the-move terminal mounts in seconds, offering high-speed satellite connectivity and being on Inmarsat it’s available almost anywhere on the planet!

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May the 4th be with you

These ARE the Satcubes you’re looking for! Happy StarWars Day! Luke’s uncle leased these Satcubeterminal on our new FlexPack service for just $0.26 a MB – utilising INTELSAT global network they’re great for connectivity in remote moisture farms!

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Inmarsat GX demo

GRC joined InmarsatGlobal for a great Inmarsat GX airtime capability demo in the Somerset wilds, with secure voice / data on our SCYTALE, alongside DigitalBarriers sensors and cameras, running on paradigmcomms, datapath and GetSat satcom terminals – perfect partners!

EMEA Day 2!

Day 2 of the Inmarsat EMEA Conference began with a Government Session, great to see the new products and Inmarsat’s willingness to work with partners and meet the unique demands of defence users and get the best hardware for the job to operate in the worlds toughest regions.

Start of EMEA!

Ready for the official start of the InmarsatGlobal Inmarsat2018 EMEA event. Looks like a great turn out with a mix of new and established partners here. Looking forward to seeing what innovative new satcom products to share with our customers and where Inmarsat GX is heading

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