Satcube Pointing

Satcube on FlexMove

Satellite skills with 6SAT on Satcube AB! Our fully-managed 6-SAT connectivity service covers training for any skill level. This workshop took users through everything from how Intelsat FlexMove airtime data packs work, to choosing a setup location, pointing the terminal and getting online, ensuring users could establish links within minutes of arriving at their location 🌍📡

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Starwin on Intelsat FlexMove

Auto-acquire, affordable and online in minutes – a great day showing customers the cost-effective Starwin on Intelsat FlexMove! Offering storable, always-on connectivity when and where it’s needed, Flex ideal for emergency and disaster response teams, oil and gas and broadcast users operating at short notice. FlexMove terminals are available to lease or buy with full training and 24/7 support available – contact us to find out more

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Christmas Satcube Travel

Last night saw our elf trying out the ultimate in travel connectivity, with a Satcube on Intelsat FlexMove – ideal for seasonal use! Fits in a cabin bag, with room to spare for personal items, 3 hours battery life on a charge, simple GUI for pointing and built in Wi-Fi… for ordering carrots

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Foggy Satcube

Freezing, foggy satcom – Satcube on Intelsat completing pre-shipping testing – a key part of our process for all terminals, lease or sale, heading to customers. Ensuring hardware arrives ready to provide reliable connectivity, no matter where it’s going, or what the weather is doing!

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Virtual Satube demo to broadcast users

Big thank you to our virtual attendees! Demonstrating Satcube on Intelsat FlexMove to broadcast, news and data gathering users. From backpack to online in under 5 minutes, users saw full HD video links and high-speed file transfer, which combined with always on bandwidth, is ideal for broadcasters looking for Store and Forward file transfer or live applications.

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Record time order to delivery!

Order to delivery in record time! Satcubeterminal on INTELSAT in our new media fit airline cabin case! Ideal for #broadcast users, offering up to 10-down 3-up Mbps on FlexMove it can be stored until needed offering journalists global connectivity within mins of powering on

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Satcubes tested and ready!

Finishing the week with a quartet of Satcubeterminal on INTELSAT FlexMove setup, tested and ready for the customer! Up to 10Mbps and available from only $0.26 a MB – including terminal and support. If you’re looking for satellite connectivity contact us –

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Stormy Satcube demo

Stormy Satcubeterminal today! IP65 it’s ok in a bit of rain for a quick socially-distanced demo showing how an untrained user can connect in under 10 mins and up to 10Mbps on INTELSAT FlexMove from just $0.26 a MB including the satellite terminal. Learn more:

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Emergency Response Support

Supporting emergency response activities, we have equipment, airtime, training and support at 24hrs notice for internet access on #satcom from TampaMicrowave, Satcube and paradigmcomms and world leading airtime suppliers Avanti_plc InmarsatGlobal GX and INTELSAT FlexMove

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Springtime Satcube

Hail, rain & sun all at once? Must be springtime! Designed to travel online in minutes and up to 10Mbps, don’t put up with slow L-Band, unleash the speed of INTELSAT FlexMove on Satcubeterminal vsat for superfast #secure reliable satellite streaming