Starwin on Intelsat demo

The good weather ☀ arrived just in time for us to demo the Starwin on Intelsat alongside our SCYTALE for VOIP phones and up to 150m of Wi-Fi connectivity. Available with FREE hardware on our 6SAT service covering airtime, training and support all-in-one! Ideal for Oil and Gas, Mining, NGOs DisasterResponse and anyone else looking for a great value satcom package – find out more at

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Virtual Satube demo to broadcast users

Big thank you to our virtual attendees! Demonstrating Satcube on Intelsat FlexMove to broadcast, news and data gathering users. From backpack to online in under 5 minutes, users saw full HD video links and high-speed file transfer, which combined with always on bandwidth, is ideal for broadcasters looking for Store and Forward file transfer or live applications.

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Guess the horror film part 4

Guess the Halloween film. Got booked to talk to Doctor Acula, who invited us back to his place to plug in and seemed disappointed we had batteries as he wanted to grab a bite to eat… Thank satcom we had the Satcubeterminal on INTELSAT we got the story and got out of there!

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Guess the horror film part 2

Guess the Halloween film. Got a bit lost with no mobile signal. Was going to stop and ask directions but wasn’t sure the locals we’re friendly. Thank satcom I had the KymetaCorp U8 terminal on INTELSAT on the van for connectivity, got directions online and back on the road.

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Customer Training

A bright start to the day training customers on Satcube terminal on INTELSAT pre-delivery – small and light but capable of high-speed connectivity these VSAT satellite terminals are so easy to operate we teach non-technical users to get online in under 10 minutes!

Satcubes configured and ready to go

Cool… sun might be out, but autumn is definitely in the air! Customer Satcubeterminal VSAT on INTELSAT configured and good to go. Ideal for broadcast journalists and media users with 10-down 3-up Mbps and a secure Wi-Fi router and phone with UK landline number included.

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British Army Medics support

Very proud to support BritishArmy medics with satellite connectivity training and support. Integrating our Scytale solution with Satcubeterminal on INTELSAT for reliable, secure voice and data links, so users can stay focused on delivering the best patient care available

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Record time order to delivery!

Order to delivery in record time! Satcubeterminal on INTELSAT in our new media fit airline cabin case! Ideal for #broadcast users, offering up to 10-down 3-up Mbps on FlexMove it can be stored until needed offering journalists global connectivity within mins of powering on

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Satcubes tested and ready!

Finishing the week with a quartet of Satcubeterminal on INTELSAT FlexMove setup, tested and ready for the customer! Up to 10Mbps and available from only $0.26 a MB – including terminal and support. If you’re looking for satellite connectivity contact us –

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Customer Demo!

Flat panel #innovation on INTELSAT FlexMove with a customer demo of Satcubeterminal, KymetaCorp, Starwin and paradigmcomms VSAT and on-the-move satellite terminals available on Intelsat global network for broadband data starting from $0.12 a MB!

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