Guess the horror film part 3

Guess the Halloween film. Doing an exercise in the woods and things got a bit hairy, but thank satcom we got the paradigmcomms on InmarsatGlobal satellite setup, called for support and got back in time for the football highlights.

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Customer Demo!

Flat panel #innovation on INTELSAT FlexMove with a customer demo of Satcubeterminal, KymetaCorp, Starwin and paradigmcomms VSAT and on-the-move satellite terminals available on Intelsat global network for broadband data starting from $0.12 a MB!

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Swarms Back in!

Back in, serviced, good to go again! This fleet of paradigmcomms Swarm Satcom terminals on Avanti_plc are available for lease or sale with prices including training, airtime and support. Rugged and light they’re ideal for Government, Defence, FirstResponders and OilandGas

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Intelsat Closer Connections 2019

Buongiorno to all our friends and partners at the Intelsat Closer Connections event in Rome!

It’s set to be a great few days, with Satcube and Paradigm’s SWARM terminals on show and an array of presentations on media, innovation and what satcom and 5G hold for the future of communications!

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Inmarsat GX demo

GRC joined InmarsatGlobal for a great Inmarsat GX airtime capability demo in the Somerset wilds, with secure voice / data on our SCYTALE, alongside DigitalBarriers sensors and cameras, running on paradigmcomms, datapath and GetSat satcom terminals – perfect partners!

Connect100 testing in the sun

Not saying our engineers are high maintenance, but you’d think the Hereford sunshine would be ideal for configuring and testing these paradigmcomms Connect100 satcom terminals on Avanti_plc… turns out now it’s too bright to see the laptop screens! Oh well…

Supply of Swarms out

Proud to supply teams responding to CycloneIdai devastation in Mozambique, with satcom via our lease service. These paradigmcomms Swarm terminals on Avanti_plc were all setup only hours from the customer contacting us, ready to provide critical links to communities in need.

Rain won’t stop GRC!

No chance of rain stopping play when there is satcom terminal config to be done! Working on a paradigmcomms Connect100T and TampaMicrowave Manpack both on Avanti_plc satellite airtime… anyone else glad it’s Friday?

GRC Demo

All setup for a satcom demo and we even arranged for some Hereford sunshine! Live links from Satcube on INTELSAT with SCYTALE providing secure voice and data, alongside a paradigmcomms Swarm and Connect100 on Avanti_plc and a 1.3m version of the TampaMicrowave terminal.

Swarm Demo

Staying frosty with prep for a new customer demo, showing the paradigmcomms Swarm Satcom Terminal on Avanti_plc and SCYTALE+, providing a rapidly deployable communications system, partnering perfectly with Scytale Tactical Cloud for true end-to-end secure voice and data.