Royal Navy showcasing Satcube

Great article from the Royal Navy, showcasing Satcube AB as part of the Commando Forward Surgical Group (CFSG), who go wherever Royal Marines deploy, no matter how extreme the environment. Offering connectivity and reach back to UK surgical consultants for real time in-depth analysis and advice. Great to see new technology being adopted in such an important way. Full article:

Satcube on FlexMove

High-speed internet when and where you need it. Ideal for remote data gathering, environment agency, survey, forestry and mineral extraction teams, Satcube AB on Intelsat FlexMove is sold by the GB (gigabyte), supplying occasional users with high-throughput, easy-to-deploy connectivity. Available with 24/7 support and full terminal training. Find out more

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Satcube Support

We’re very proud to continue our support of British Army medical staff, with satellite connectivity and training. Utilising our Scytale solution with Satcube AB terminals on Intelsat offers remote users secure voice and data links within minutes of powering on and with only minimal training required.

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Satcube operating with Scytale +

Sub-zero satcom. Easy to operate and lightweight, Satcube AB on Intelsat partners perfectly with our SCYTALE+ for high-speed connectivity and increased data security in a rapidly deployable package. Available as a fully managed service, we look after the hardware, airtime, and training for hassle-free voice and data – get in touch to find out more:

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Satcube connectivity testing

We’re pretty well surrounded by trees here at GRC, so sometimes our engineers have to “innovate” (i.e. get on the roof) to get a clear shot to a satellite for final connectivity testing, in this case a Satcube AB on Intelsat, ensuring that when kit arrives with the customer it’s ready to go! For the record, the look on Mark’s face is apparently concentration and not because it’s really cold and had frozen solid 

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Icey Training Day

We usually try and book rain for satellite training days, but thought we’d spice it up a bit with ice this time. Students got a chance to setup and point both the Tampa Microwave and Satcube terminal along with our SCYTALE establishing secure voice and data connectivity

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New Years Configurations

A New Year dawns and while it’s already throwing up challenges we’re continuing to support essential customers. Going through pre-shipping config these 4 Satcubeterminal on INTELSAT deliver up to 10Mbps and are available from only $0.26 a MB inc. satellite terminal and support

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Christmas Satcube Travel

Last night saw our elf trying out the ultimate in travel connectivity, with a Satcube on Intelsat FlexMove – ideal for seasonal use! Fits in a cabin bag, with room to spare for personal items, 3 hours battery life on a charge, simple GUI for pointing and built in Wi-Fi… for ordering carrots

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Foggy Satcube

Freezing, foggy satcom – Satcube on Intelsat completing pre-shipping testing – a key part of our process for all terminals, lease or sale, heading to customers. Ensuring hardware arrives ready to provide reliable connectivity, no matter where it’s going, or what the weather is doing!

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Virtual Satube demo to broadcast users

Big thank you to our virtual attendees! Demonstrating Satcube on Intelsat FlexMove to broadcast, news and data gathering users. From backpack to online in under 5 minutes, users saw full HD video links and high-speed file transfer, which combined with always on bandwidth, is ideal for broadcasters looking for Store and Forward file transfer or live applications.

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